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  1. In the name of Allah (God),
    I have decided to dedicate sincere and honest endeavour in helping to establish the Truth. Helping to defend the good name of the last Prophet of Allah as well as refuting many other lies and misconceptions that are being disseminated by the insincere, wicked, deceptive, intellectually and morally bankrupted individuals as well as the ignorant individuals who all share a faulty characteristic; a blatant disregard for the Truth.
    I ask Allah to purify my intentions and save me from doing any good action for self-aggrandizement, as all actions are judged by intentions. May Allah Love me, and bless this work.

    O Muslims, we are being overwhelmed by repeated attacks against Islam and we need to go back to hard, earnest study of all sciences in order to re-address the balance and bring the Truth to the fore. We need to realise that the burden must be shared by us all and each one of us must do our own bit to facilitate the propagation of the Truth. We must also acknowledge that there is more work to be done in clearing misconceptions/lies about Islam as well as realising the era of Sheikh Deedat is over and the debates have moved on rapidly whilst the Muslims have been left behind. It is time to step up and share the burden. May Allah help us and remove us from the current state of play. My message to any non-Muslim reading this is thus:

    Please give Islam a chance, research it for yourself and allow Muslims and Muslim sources to be your primary resources you refer to when studying Islam rather than basing your views on agenda-motivated Islamophobic sources.
    O Allah, You are Al-Wadud (The Loving)…please O Allah love me and bless all those Muslims and non-Muslims who read this.

    My other blog is at:


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