Is Paul Mentioned in the Quran?

Paul is not mentioned in the Quran, despite this fact some Christian missionaries are claiming he is mentioned in the Quran.

Simply put, there is not a single place in the Quran which even
mentions the name “Paul” let alone mentioning him to be a prophet of God.
To make such claims the clown run to Tafsir Ibn Kathir. He reads out the tafsir by Ibn Kathir regarding the following verse:

Verse (36:14)(When We (first) sent to them two apostles, they rejected them: But We strengthened them with a third: they said, “Truly, we have been sent on a mission to you.”

Does Ibn Kathir in his Tafsir of the Quran say that this verse refers to Paul of Tarsus and thus Paul (Bulus) is one of the Messengers of God according to Islam.
• Tafsir ibn kathir , ibn Abbas and Al- jalalayn……

Video is from IslamResponses


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