A note on Luis Dizon of Nicene International

Quick few notes.

I have no idea what set this young Christian apologist off. – Luis Dizon of Nicene International. Sadly, Muslims being spoken down to by Christian apologists is nothing new. Sam Shamoun recently called myself, Yusuf Ismail and Ijaz Ahmad “sewage”. No surprise then that folk like David Wood – recently accused of “false witness” by James White’s Alpha and Omega Ministries’ president – mock and insult Islam and Muslims on YouTube while their Christian friends and colleagues sit idly and silently – in many cases encourage such disgraceful mockery and insults by sharing and/or praising his vile videos. Totally designed to sow division between Muslims and Christians

Perhaps Luis was trying to curry favour with that crowd of Christian apologist who only exist to make a bit of cash out of mocking and insulting Islam under the guise of “evangelism”.

Or maybe he’s taking his cues from the milder ones like James White, again somebody who is known for mean comments towards his opponents – as pointed out by Pastor Jacob Prasch.

I don’t know. I don’t care. Just sort it out, please. Luis has done this to me before, he posted on FB about a year ago telling everybody he had blocked me. Why did he block me, erm because I called something 95% of Brits would consider “bigotry” or at the very least feel uncomfortable hearing. The comments were from his friend (and colleague at Nicene Ministries), what’s his name, Steven Martins? Canadian guy who debated Ijaz Ahmad in Trinidad. He later came back and unblocked me although as far as I know, he has never apologised despite practically instigating a hate-fest against me on his FB post proclaiming he blocked me (don’t think he even linked to the reason why he blocked me).

I think this video serves as a response to that testosterone fueled rant which seems to be designed to muddy the waters prior to a debate – debate tactics?. Why he did it after everything was looking great – he and Ijaz looked good and jolly together – I don’t know.

We need more of that and less of  Wood and Shamoun poison.

Oh, and responding with equal measures of testosterone like it’s some sort of Batman vs Superman thingy doesn’t work here. I’m more light-hearted. I hope Luis and others in that camp can see the funny side of it all and take on board the serious undertones. Nobody appreciates being spoken to like that (to be fair, Luis has said he sounded as he did because he was tired)

Oh and Luis, this is not a hit piece. Simply a public response. Take this piece of advice if you want; stop trying to please the nasty crowd of evangelicals on the net (if that’s what you’re doing) who think Muslims as sewage. Apparently one of your followers accused me of being a refugee rapist or something too , Thomas something.

Peace. NOTE: There’s a plausible explanation as to why Ijaz thought what he did (i.e. the comments Luis criticised, let’s use a soft word, Ijaz for.


The Facts About Islam: Steven Martins


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