Miracles in Islam

Miracle of a Saying of Prophet Muhammad (p)?

This is a very interesting post of what seems like an amazing statement by the Prophet Muhammad (p). This post is from Sheikh Moustafa Zayed’s blog. Check this amazing post out!

Amazing Miracles of Prophet Muhammad Posted February 28th, 2013 by Moustafa Zayed

Satellite Imagery in 7th Century
As if the previous miracle locating the lowest point on the surface of the Earth 14 centuries before the invention of satellites was not enough, prophet Muhammad told of a similarly astonishing miracle in the middle of the 7th century.

 In his well-known and correct hadeeth in Sahih Muslim, Prophet Muhammad, while explaining the events associated with him and his followers entering Paradise for the first time, described the width of one of the doors of Paradise. He said:

“…and I swear by Whom my soul is in His hand, what is between the two hinges (of that door) of paradise is to you as the difference between Mecca and Hajar (a city in the far east of the Arab Peninsula, close to today’s Bahrain), or the difference between Mecca and Busra (which is to the far north of the Arab Peninsula, close to Syria)”. Narrator: Abu Hurayrah. Reference: Sahih Muslim, No: 194. Degree: Correct.

“.. والذي نفسُ مُحَمَّدٍ بيدِه ! إن ما بين المِصراعَيْنِ من مَصاريعِ الجنةِ لَكَما بين مكةَ وهَجَرٍ . أو كما بينَ مكةَ وبُصْرَى”
الراوي:أبو هريرة المصدر:صحيح مسلم– الرقم:194الدرجه:صحيح

In a later chapter in this book, which discusses the description of Paradise in the Quranic verses and the quotations of the Prophet, you will be less amazed by the width of a door of Jannah, (which is 1273 kilometers wide, according to the Prophet) as it is relative to the reality and existence of Paradise in accordance to dimensions of space, not to the miniscule dimensions of planet Earth. It is still a miracle, however, that we were told of its size and description beforehand and before any human being could realize it. However, having said that, this alone is not the miracle, since our belief in the accuracy of the prophethood and the abilities of God is currently the only evidence of its truthfulness. In other words, this is obviously a miracle to Muslims. Yet if you’re not a Muslim or are still thinking about it, it is not a scientific or an independently logical proof – at least not yet!

The miracle here is that in that same description of the door of Paradise, the prophet had stated that the straight line distances between Mecca and Hajar vs Mecca and Busra are equal! To us, with our satellites, Google Earth applications, and GPS navigation devices, we can easily determine the fact. But if you go back to the 17th century, let alone the 7th century, it was virtually impossible to make that measurement, for no one had any access to a straight line measurement through the valleys and mountains into the two towns. In other words, we would not have known till the advent of airplanes, when the measurements would have been somewhat approximate with an aerial view, or the measuring time to reach both cities. Prophet Muhammad had not only told us the size of the door in which he will go through into Paradise, but had confirmed a scientific fact that could have not been realized, identified, or confirmed till the advent of satellites.

 How could that be possible, unless it was knowledge conveyed by the ultimate creator who has limitless knowledge and power over time, distance, and future? That is your Creator and my Creator: the one mighty God.

A Google earth display of the amazing accuracy of the Prophet description of the two distances 14 centuries before satellite imagery were available.

Miracles performed by Prophet Muhammad (p):

Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim. Now is the time.

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Acts 17 Apologetics: David Wood and Another Dangerous Lie

Christian Missionaries and the 4 Witnesses for Rape Misconception

OK, it seems more and more people are realising it is a MISCONCEPTION to claim Muslim women require four witnesses to convict rapists.

Sadly, this misconception is being kept alive by Christian missionaries. We have just caught a Christian apologist (David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics) propagating such falsehoods at Chris Arnzen’s (from Iron Sharpens Iron) conference for pastors.

Correcting this Christian’s falsehoods on rape, rapists and Islam


If this video does not play, please view:

Christian leaders being misled

Sadly Christian leaders were being taught this misconception as a fact by their speaker. Sadder still, they even thought their speaker was an expert on Islam. Quite why there are so many self-proclaimed “experts” out there in evangelical communities is beyond me.

Advice to Chris Arnzen: If you decide to hold another conference please hire qualified folk, a Muslim imam would be a good start – at least he will know a thing or two about Islam!

Advice to David Wood: Dave, please remove this misconception from your repertoire. Please gain knowledge from reputable sources rather than second rate websites/books. Please educate yourself via the link below. An apology to Chris Arnzen and the pastors at the conference would be highly encouraged. Cheers.

Advice to Muslims: Be wary of internet lies and misconceptions. If you hear a strange claim be sure to check it with EXPERTS. Sadly, there are too many non-muslims parading as experts on Islam whilst presenting disinformation.

The facts about Islam and rape


David Wood and his sex hoax

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Pastor converts to Islam

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James White Shocks Russian and Mormon Women

James, Absolutely unacceptable! You behaved like a lewd schoolboy in traducing and ridiculing these ladies based entirely on their looks. I’m calling you to public repentance. You claim to be an elder at your church – what do the females at your church (Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, Arizona) think of this?

For those unaware

James White on his Dividing Line podcast was ridiculing the looks of the wives of Brigham Young whilst his pal was suggesting they look worse than “Russian women” – whom he likened to MEN!!!

He even displayed pictures of these ladies on his blog. For some reason our James White gets “enjoyment” out of pub-style “banter” about their looks. Sad, very sad.

This unsophisticated, uncouth and sinful episode warrants rebuke and calls for a public apology as well as repentance. You maybe asking, where is the evidence for such a disgraceful turn? Sadly, it’s down below in audio. Please note it is offensive to women, Mormons and Russians (as well as ALL decent people)

James White and Richard degrade women and insult Mormons and Russians – rebuked by a MUSLIM.

If the video does not play please see:

James White’s Female Colleagues including Mary Jo Sharp

Quite what James White’s female colleagues (Haifa Gorial, Samar Gorial, Mary Jo Sharp etc) think of James White’s attitude and actions over the years leaves one wondering.

I would really like to see Mary Jo Sharp of Confident Christianity respond to this as she is the standard-bearer for females in Christian apologetics – surely this is yet another setback in the quest to attract more female Christian apologists.

ABN Sat Fear Monger on Jizya

Being misinformed over the Jizya

I have been watching a Chaldean Christian Satellite station (ABN Sat) and they have been prattling on about the Jizya as though it is the most obnoxious and evil thing on the planet. These Islamophobes will pull the wool over the eyes of their own folk in order to present Islam as a scary monster.

The fact remains, there is nothing wrong with the Jizya and it has been explained many times over. This post will bring you a presentation from Imam Shabir Ally (Let the Quran speak)on the Jizya. I have also presented the basics which EVERY Muslim and Non-Muslim should be aware of in order NOT to be misdirected by the “Christian” Islamophobes at ABN and other organisations who make it their business to politically scaremonger against Islam and Muslims

Researching Jizya and the Bible’s support of such?

For those willing to further their research, I will furnish you a link to Jonathon’s site which covers the Jizya and features links to more extensive coverage from Bassam Zawadi. See below the video.

Bullied by the Islamophobe’s negative spin?

The Jizya is NOTHING to worry over despite all the theatrics from the Islamophobes. The Islamophobes try to bully and manipulate audiences via spin and preying on gaps in the audience’s knowledge – effectively capitalising on the vulnerable as opportunists.

Firstly, before playing Imam Shabir Ally’s presentation on the Jizya (with regards to S9:29) we should realise the Jizya is not discriminatory and is simply a poll tax which non-Muslims pay in the stead of the religious tax which is imposed upon Muslims (zakat).

Imam Shabir Ally explains Surah 9:29 – Jizya

Is the Jizya so scary? No.

The Jizya is an extremely agreeable poll tax. The Jizya is ALWAYS whatever amount both parties agree upon if the amount ever exceeds the set minimum. Now is that so scary? No.

The minimum non-Muslim poll tax is one dinar (n: 4.235 grams of gold) per person (A:per year). The maximum is whatever both sides agree upon.
It is collected with leniency and politeness as are all debts and is not levied on women, children, or the insane. [o11.4 Reliance of the Traveller, Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Amana Publications, 1994]

Christians should NEVER argue against the Jizya: Mark 12:17

“Christian” Islamophobes are throwing their Bible under the bus in order to jump on the anti-Muslim bandwagon. The fact remains NO true Christian would be opposed to the Jizya.

Christians are instructed to give unto Caesar what belongs to him (see Mark 12:17), thus paying the Jizya is hardly an issue for a Bible-believing Christian. If an Islamic government taxes a Christian the Christian should not grumble. Quite why the Christians at ABN are jumping up and down is beyond me as they pay GREATER taxes to the US government which spends its tax revenues on illicit (ANTI CHRISTIAN) actions.

I guess the stench of Islamophobia is blinding too.

More information on why true Christians should not be arguing against the Jizya

Jonathon has a whole post regarding the Bible’s instructions towards Jizya (the post contains further details on Jizya and features links to more extensive information vis-à-vis the Jizya):

Don’t be fooled or bullied by detractors who work assiduously to demonize Muslims.

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Racism Discussed by Shabir Ally

Article taken from Shabir Ally’s Site:

How to end Racism

Recent events remind us that racism remains rampant. How can it end? Only understanding and education can end racism.

People must realise that God created all humans from one couple. The entire human race is therefore one large extended family. God says:

O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord who created you from a single soul and from its mate; and from the two of them He spread abroad a multitude of men and women…(Qur’an 4:1).

O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know each other. The noblest of you, in the sight of Allah1, is the best in conduct (Qur’an 49:13).

The noblest is the best in conduct. Such persons may belong to any race or country. What really matters is their conduct and behaviour.

This is why the prophet Muhammad2 in a public address said that the Arabs are not superior to the non-Arabs, and one colour is not superior to another. He also said that people should obey their leader even if he is a black person.

Furthermore, we must understand that no race is superior to another. When we see a garden with many different flowers we appreciate the beauty of the entire arrangement. We have nothing against the colour of any flower because each contributes something to the beauty of the garden.

In a similar way we may see the world as a garden decorated with people of different colours. Let us appreciate that each variety of people contributes something to the spice of life in this world. God says:

He himself appointed a black person, Osamah, son of Zaid, to lead a Muslim task force.

As a result of following these teachings, many people are able to end racism in their thoughts and actions. You can still see racial harmony today in the mosques of cosmopolitan cities. There you will find people of various colours worshipping together, all with equal status before God. Rich or poor, black or white, king or pauper all line up side by side to worship. No special consideration is given to anyone based on colour or social status. In many mosques the leader is black and the followers white. There is no such concept as a “black mosque” or “white mosque.” Islam removes such destructive concepts.

1Allah is the name of God used by Arabic-Speaking Christians and Jews, and by Muslims of every language.

2May peace, and the blessings of Allah, be on His messengers Muhammad, Jesus, Moses and others.

Written by Shabir Ally