James White Shocks Russian and Mormon Women

James, Absolutely unacceptable! You behaved like a lewd schoolboy in traducing and ridiculing these ladies based entirely on their looks. I’m calling you to public repentance. You claim to be an elder at your church – what do the females at your church (Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church, Arizona) think of this?

For those unaware

James White on his Dividing Line podcast was ridiculing the looks of the wives of Brigham Young whilst his pal was suggesting they look worse than “Russian women” – whom he likened to MEN!!!

He even displayed pictures of these ladies on his blog. For some reason our James White gets “enjoyment” out of pub-style “banter” about their looks. Sad, very sad.

This unsophisticated, uncouth and sinful episode warrants rebuke and calls for a public apology as well as repentance. You maybe asking, where is the evidence for such a disgraceful turn? Sadly, it’s down below in audio. Please note it is offensive to women, Mormons and Russians (as well as ALL decent people)

James White and Richard degrade women and insult Mormons and Russians – rebuked by a MUSLIM.

If the video does not play please see:

James White’s Female Colleagues including Mary Jo Sharp

Quite what James White’s female colleagues (Haifa Gorial, Samar Gorial, Mary Jo Sharp etc) think of James White’s attitude and actions over the years leaves one wondering.

I would really like to see Mary Jo Sharp of Confident Christianity respond to this as she is the standard-bearer for females in Christian apologetics – surely this is yet another setback in the quest to attract more female Christian apologists.


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