Christian Apologetics Alliance’s Dumb Argument for the Trinity

Trinitarian apologetics is rife with bad arguments. Here’s a dumb argument presented by a Trinitarian Christian apologist, Jonathan McLatchie of the Christian Apologetics Alliance and Cross Examined. In this video we see a dumb argument against the Unity of God exposed as a fallacious argument and as one which backfires against the Trinitarian. Emotional arguments in Trinitarian circles are common. Beware of them! For more on Jonatham Mclatchie see here


ABN Sat Fear Monger on Jizya

Being misinformed over the Jizya

I have been watching a Chaldean Christian Satellite station (ABN Sat) and they have been prattling on about the Jizya as though it is the most obnoxious and evil thing on the planet. These Islamophobes will pull the wool over the eyes of their own folk in order to present Islam as a scary monster.

The fact remains, there is nothing wrong with the Jizya and it has been explained many times over. This post will bring you a presentation from Imam Shabir Ally (Let the Quran speak)on the Jizya. I have also presented the basics which EVERY Muslim and Non-Muslim should be aware of in order NOT to be misdirected by the “Christian” Islamophobes at ABN and other organisations who make it their business to politically scaremonger against Islam and Muslims

Researching Jizya and the Bible’s support of such?

For those willing to further their research, I will furnish you a link to Jonathon’s site which covers the Jizya and features links to more extensive coverage from Bassam Zawadi. See below the video.

Bullied by the Islamophobe’s negative spin?

The Jizya is NOTHING to worry over despite all the theatrics from the Islamophobes. The Islamophobes try to bully and manipulate audiences via spin and preying on gaps in the audience’s knowledge – effectively capitalising on the vulnerable as opportunists.

Firstly, before playing Imam Shabir Ally’s presentation on the Jizya (with regards to S9:29) we should realise the Jizya is not discriminatory and is simply a poll tax which non-Muslims pay in the stead of the religious tax which is imposed upon Muslims (zakat).

Imam Shabir Ally explains Surah 9:29 – Jizya

Is the Jizya so scary? No.

The Jizya is an extremely agreeable poll tax. The Jizya is ALWAYS whatever amount both parties agree upon if the amount ever exceeds the set minimum. Now is that so scary? No.

The minimum non-Muslim poll tax is one dinar (n: 4.235 grams of gold) per person (A:per year). The maximum is whatever both sides agree upon.
It is collected with leniency and politeness as are all debts and is not levied on women, children, or the insane. [o11.4 Reliance of the Traveller, Ahmad ibn Naqib al Misri, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller, Amana Publications, 1994]

Christians should NEVER argue against the Jizya: Mark 12:17

“Christian” Islamophobes are throwing their Bible under the bus in order to jump on the anti-Muslim bandwagon. The fact remains NO true Christian would be opposed to the Jizya.

Christians are instructed to give unto Caesar what belongs to him (see Mark 12:17), thus paying the Jizya is hardly an issue for a Bible-believing Christian. If an Islamic government taxes a Christian the Christian should not grumble. Quite why the Christians at ABN are jumping up and down is beyond me as they pay GREATER taxes to the US government which spends its tax revenues on illicit (ANTI CHRISTIAN) actions.

I guess the stench of Islamophobia is blinding too.

More information on why true Christians should not be arguing against the Jizya

Jonathon has a whole post regarding the Bible’s instructions towards Jizya (the post contains further details on Jizya and features links to more extensive information vis-à-vis the Jizya):

Don’t be fooled or bullied by detractors who work assiduously to demonize Muslims.


James White is Victimized By Fellow Christians?

James White: A Victim

Pastor Tim Rogers asked a question related to James White’s teaching history at Golden Gate (see appendix 1). White has taken umbrage to this type of scrutiny. In fact White has gone further and is now intimating he is being victimized for his part in exposing Ergun Caner’s dishonesty.

James White in an effort to support his claim of victimization says Before my first word about Ergun Caner’s deceptive statements, my teaching history was documented and well known. There was no question about it, no mystery, no controversy”

So White is telling us that this intense scrutiny (victimization) is all due to his “whistle blowing” on Caner. White intensifies the air of victimization to his message by finishing his post with
Just another amazing chapter in “What Happens When You Seek Honesty in Ministry.”

It appears as though White’s potential as a future teacher at Golden Gate has gone up in the ether due to this scrutiny and “victimization” from his fellow Christian brothers. White would have us believe he is the innocent party being subjected to vilification because he sought “honesty in ministry”.

Why Have They Rounded on James White?

The motives are far more ranging than simply being a case of tit for tat; James White takes down Ergun Caner and the Caner-ites take down White.

For those who are familiar with the “whistle blowing” of Ergun Caner will know James White is not a chief protagonist and is effectively a late-comer who is clinging on to the coat tails of those who did the ground work and the real “whistle blowing”. White, in relative terms to the chief protagonists is a cheer leader.

Much of White’s work is simply echoing Mohammad Khan’s diligent efforts. In the reporting of the Caner scandal I have yet to see White’s name mentioned, whilst Debbie Kaufman and Mohammad Khan are being credited with the ground work and real effort, especially Khan (see appendix 2).

White and Caner are old rivals, Caner has been at the wrong end of White’s wrath for denouncing Calvinism prior to the current Caner saga (see appendix 3)

With all the elements in place it is no wonder Christians at Golden Gate are looking at James White’s motives with genuine suspicion; is White simply using the Caner saga to cash in with some credibility and popularity whilst simultaneously settling old scores with his rival, Ergun Caner?

It seems “certain men” have taken to the idea of White being insincere and self-motivated, hence the scrutiny which is falling to bear on White.

Or is James White Sincere?

Have James White’s Christian brethren got it wrong? Is White really a sincere man seeking “honesty in ministry”?

A quick acid test would be to search the archives and check whether White did the same to other fallen evangelists Ted Haggard, Anis Shorrosh, Benny Hinn and Jimmy Swaggert. Does White have a history of badgering fallen Christians under the guise of “honesty” and “integrity”? You would expect somebody who is sincerely after “integrity” and” honesty” in the ministries to have a plethora of fallen Christian scalps to his name, especially considering White has been running his ministry since 1983.

So where is this long list, spanning years, of Christians who White has “outed” and rebuked based on “honesty” and integrity”? It is conspicuous by its absence; quite frankly White has no note worthy record in this regard. And White wonders why his fellow Christians look upon him with suspicion!

A stronger point for the “certain men” who do not trust James White is White’s association (friendship) with a sub-Christian evangelist named Sam Shamoun (see appendix 4) and to a lesser extent White’s association with the controversial evangelist, David Wood (see appendix 4).

Has White ever rebuked or ended his association with Sam Shamoun’s sub-Christian and sub-scholarly endeavour? No, yet the numerous “Sam Shamoun sagas” impact upon the ministries in the same negative fashion as the Caner scandal (see appendix 4).

This does point to discrepancies in the shape of inconsistencies on the part of James White. Surely a man who was sincerely concerned for the ministries would have rebuked others of similar dispositions rather than singling out Ergun Caner.

James White’s “Honesty” Charade is Ill-Conceived

It is not simply a question of whether James White’s motives are sincere or not, this is now impacting on White’s credibility and honesty. Those “certain men” asking questions of White would also be questioning White’s honesty, hence Tim Rogers’ investigations concerning White’s teaching history. These “certain men” are probing on the grounds of honesty. White’s commitment to honest endeavour is clouded.

If White had genuine desire for honesty then he would not be dishonestly featuring incorrect material on his YouTube channel knowingly (see appendix 5) and he would have answered related to his inconsistent endorsement of a deceptive article by Shamoun which White oddly labelled as “excellent Quranic insights”

White’s charade of honesty is further questioned in his refusal to answer questions related to his source material used in a debate with Shabir Ally. White’s silence is deafening, he has been silent for a good while (see appendix 6)

White is not naïve, he knows of these issues and deliberately remains silent on these issues as he knows he has no legitimate defence, thus is well and truly in the realm of double standards and even dishonesty.

James White is Doing His Fellow Christians a Disservice

White is sullying the reputation of “certain” Christians who are linked to Golden Gate and whether he likes it or not White is doing Golden Gate a disservice.

White is a veteran, you would imagine he knows what he is doing and knows of the far reaching (potential) consequences and damage which is being sustained within the Church due to his actions.

Undeniable: James White is a Victim

Yes, James White is a victim of his own self-interest and desire to be noticed as a paragon of virtue and expertise. White wanted attention and now he has got attention but it appears as if this intense scrutiny of White is not the type of attention he wanted. What did White expect us to do? Proclaim him to be a hero and give him a licence to teach Islam instead of Caner?

The Realities

James White is not being hung out to dry by “certain men” of the Church due to his desire for “honesty”. This is a sad victim mentality White is wringing furiously in order to gain sympathy and have one final bitter dig at the secret enemy with the Church.

James White Turned a Winning Position into a Spectacular Defeat

If James White had simply stayed quiet during the Caner saga and kept his nose clean as far as his material on Islam he would have been touted as a strong contender to pick up some of the prestige vacated by Caner’s exit.

Yet, White’s inability to accurately represent Islam, efforts to be SEEN as knowledgeable in Islam and desire to be noticed (to an obsession) in the Ergun Caner saga has led him to be distrusted and dare I say “abandoned” by his fellow Christians and colleagues as well as mocked as a “student” of Islam.

White had the goal at his mercy, somehow his ego clouded his vision and he missed spectacularly
James White’s Future in the Ministry

James White is a veteran though, he and his ministry are significantly weakened by this saga but he and his ministry will regroup and will be back.

This is also a set back for those hoping White would disassociate himself from dubious anti-Muslim ministries; this seems remote as White is in a position of powerlessness and as we all know, powerlessness corrupts just as quickly as power.

It is a pity White did not act when he was in a position of power

Related article:


Appendix 1

Pastor Tim Rogers questioned Dr Jeff Lorg regarding James White’s teaching history:

Appendix 2

A couple of news reports mentioning Mohammad Khan, whilst the name “James White” is conspicuous due to its absence:

Appendix 3

White lays into his rival (Ergun Caner) concerning Calvinism (prior to the Caner scandal):

Appendix 4

An example of White’s friend Sam Shamoun’s sub-Christian behaviour:

White’s associates (Wood and Shamoun) are rebuked and shunned on moral grounds:

Muslim debater and apologist, Bassam Zawadi, invites James White to rebuke his friend Sam Shamoun, White refuses:

White’s friend Sam Shamoun asked to leave the ministry:

Appendix 5

James White’s dishonesty and support of unscholarly modes of practice:

Appendix 6

Muslim debater and apologist, Bassam Zawadi, questions JamesWhite on his research:

Appendix 7

Related article:

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James White: Hero for Muslims?

It never astounds me to note different depths Christian ministries will go to in order to win Muslim converts. I’m not just talking about “rice-converts” but of course speaking of my findings related to my studies with regard to Christian outreaches to Muslims.

I am desensitized to the gullibility of the Christian audience to simply absorb the material on offer, regardless of the intellectual bankruptcy the material in question espouses; as long as it is from a Christian source they will accept it blindly.

Obvious Example: Ergun Caner

The obvious example would be Dr Ergun Caner (Christian evangelist) and the scandal surrounding him. Of course, I and many other Muslims have been aware of Caner’s wilful deception of his gullible Christian flock for quite some time (see Appendix 1). The real concern is that it takes such a long time for responsible Christians to click on and say “hey this is not on”.
There is an investigation into the whole Caner saga and Christians have began to vocalise their concern and efforts to clean up Christian apologetics, especially Christian apologetics related to Islam.

I have often wondered why Christian evangelists/apologists misinform Muslims or misinform about Islam; I used to simply say to myself it is because the Muslim is the toughest to convert to Christianity, however more refined reflections lead to the thought it is a combination of factors, one of these factors is sheer ignorance on the part of Christians when it concerns Islam.

Dr James White: Cleaning up the Christian Ministries

This leads us nicely to a superficial warrior amongst the Christian arena of apologetics named Dr James White. He has been a source of amplification, of late, in helping bring Dr Ergun Caner to account. Some Christians (Canerites) have had misgivings concerning White’s involvement and intentions. As a Muslim who dabbles in apologetics, from time to time, I must say I was impressed (initially) with White’s stand up type of approach and his desire to do the right thing in bringing Christian outreaches to account (i.e. clean them up)

Actions are Judged on Intentions

James White’s Christian brothers, such as Peter Lumpkins and other Canerites, are viewing White with suspicion. What is White’s motive? Is it really to “seek integrity in ministry”?

It is difficult to believe James White is genuine with his guises of “integrity” and concern for the ministries. James White’s inconsistencies with regards to integrity and evangelical edification intimates White’s motives related to Caner are in some doubt.

White’s lack of regard for “integrity in ministry” is clear for all to see within his actions. Actions speak louder than words, James. (See Appendix 2 and 3)

James, Friends are Family Members you Choose

White has a weak link in his armour on the “integrity” front. He has an association (a friendship) with an internet Christian evangelist named Sam Shamoun. Shamoun is not renowned for his integrity but is renowned for his unscholarly work as well as manner within Christian-Muslim apologetics. (see Appendix 4)

The only thing which precedes Sam Shamoun is his tongue. A tongue which unleashes horrific comments directed at Muslims (individuals he is meant to be “saving”). Naturally this has repulsed a great deal of Muslims, yet James White is still friends with this sub-Christian character.

James White is so loyal to his Caner-esque friend that he has declined opportunities to denounce Shamoun publically. In fact, it is on the contrary, White has endorsed this individual by featuring his work on his blog as “excellent Quranic insights” and declaring Shamoun as having a “vast knowledge of Islam” whilst on air.

Shamoun and White do not exactly make obvious bed fellows but rest assured White’s actions of endorsement, friendship and a refusal to denounce his friend clearly highlight the pair are in league.

White has been under mild pressure from a Muslim debater, Bassam Zawadi, in the past to denounce Shamoun (see Appendix 5). This was met with James White avoiding the issue of Shamoun, basically staying silent on his pal. A silence which spoke volumes in saying White is a hypocrite and has no regard for the “integrity” and has no real desire to clean up Christian apologetics.

James White: One Rule for Caner, Another Rule for My Friend

White essentially operates a double standard when he bashes (to an obsession) Ergun Caner with sticks of “morality” and “integrity”. It is high time White removed himself from this realm of hypocrisy; either he stops with this obsession with Caner or deals some blows to Sam Shamoun with the sticks of “morality” and “integrity”.

Lumpkins and co are barking up the correct tree so far as White’s intentions are concerned; White is not this paragon of sincerity and “integrity” he makes himself out to be whilst pressurizing his Christian brother (Ergun Caner), White’s motives in jumping on Caner are far from sincere. If he genuinely cared for “integrity” he would have dealt with Sam Shamoun by now, we are still waiting for this superhero of the ministries to clean his friend’s act and ministry up. This is a far more pressing issue than Caner; Ergun Caner is all but over, thanks to persistent Muslim investigation by Mohammed Khan, it hardly requires James White to focus all his “integrity” laden energy on delivering the final blow Caner. James, save some of that energy for your pal (Sam Shamoun).

James White: Refuse to be Wrong (Even When Proven to be Wrong)

The embarrassing saga for James White continues. When White with his Arabic teacher (Issam) in tow was bashing Caner’s lack of Arabic in his latest YouTube video he ventured too far, beyond his realm of expertise. White, in an attempt to show off his Arabic teacher, asked Issam to “recite” the first Surah (chapter) from the Quran from memory. Issam recited a few verses in Arabic but it was not Surah al Fatiha (the first Surah in the Quran) as a verse was missed out (see Appendix 2).

White endorsed this “recitation” and presented it as Surah al Fatiha; it was not Surah al Fatiha. I (Yahya Snow) pointed this embarrassing and offensive mistake out to White via a video response.

To my utter amazement White censored my video response and did not even have the courtesy or respect to change/remove the embarrassing and offensive presentation. White’s pride meant he was unwilling to correct his material and would rather leave the inaccurate material for his Christian audience to view, quite simply White showed a complete lack of care for accuracy and honesty; he STILL keeps this inaccurate material on his YouTube page despite knowing it to be inaccurate. White’s pride is leaving his Christian audience with misinformation. Is this the action of a paragon of “integrity” or a man who basically feels he is above error and self-correction?

Essentially, White, his ministry (Alpha and Omega Ministries) and his pal (Issam) are looking foolish in front of all the Muslim audience but White’s pride does not allow him to remove the offending clip and acknowledge his error. This is a huge crime within the setting of genuine Muslim-Christian apologetics, intellectual dishonesty and even deception.

White Chooses Sam Shamoun Over Jesus

It gets worse as White’s unscholarly nature and intellectual
dishonesty is unearthed further. White is also challenged, in the video, to explain his endorsement of Sam Shamoun’s outrageously dishonest and unscholarly practice.

Shamoun, in his attempt to support his argument against Muslim apologists, made his OWN translation of a Quranic verse up (one which was in utter disagreement with all recognised translations of the Quran). For the record it is important to point out that Shamoun is by no means qualified or authorised to translate the Quran or any Quranic verse. This did not stop him; this is James White’s friend we are talking about, scholarly boundaries do not apply to him! (see Appendix 3)

White is Not Whiter than White (an irresistable pun) 🙂

Nevertheless, James White committed abysmal intellectual dishonesty and inconsistency by endorsing it as “excellent Quranic insights”. All this despite Shamoun not even telling his audience he was making his own translation up which disagrees with all the translations on record (i.e. the audience were being wilfully misdirected by James White’s friend). There were other heinous acts of scholarly savagery which were present within the article endorsed by none other than the man of “integrity”, Dr James White

The hypocrisy (inconsistency) of White sets in because there is NO way White would allow a Muslim to do the same to the Bible. White presents himself as a staunch advocate of consistency yet disregards all he holds sacred in order to support his friend Sam Shamoun. (see Appendix 6)

Caner Vs White

Dr Ergun Caner has his faults and his fair share of controversy; so does Dr James White. Yet, White compounds his problems by jumping on the “bash Caner bandwagon”. James, pride always comes before a fall!

White abandoned Caner under the guise of “integrity” but will not abandon Sam Shamoun who is notorious for his anti-Christian behaviour and his shoddy scholarship. In fact, to further present the picture of the real Sam Shamoun it would be advisable to note Muslim apologists/debaters have refused to engage him based on a moral question. It does not get any worse for a Christian ministry when their leader is being shunned on grounds of morality, where is James White to clean up the ministries?

James White’s silence on this issue speaks volumes, it really does.
Will we be seeing Christians abandon White and bash him with sticks of “integrity” and “morality” in order to clean up the ministries?

Written by Yahya Snow


Appendix 1:

Ergun Caner of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary has been under scrutiny for some time:

Appendix 2:

James White being hypocritical, unscholarly and misleading (REFUSING to be WRONE, even When he KNOWS he is WRONG):

Appendix 3:

James White challenged to prove his intellectual and scholarly integrity:

Appendix 4:

One example of James White’s friend, Sam Shamoun:

Appendix 5:

Bassam Zawadi invites the man James white to rebuke his friend’s unchristian behaviour:

Appendix 6:

Sam Shamoun making his own Quranic translation of a verse and keeping it quiet (amongst other things):

Shamoun and his friend are being shunned byMuslims due to their unChristian behaviour:

Appendix 7

A couple emails sent to Dr White at alpha and omega ministries (aomin), please ignore the typographical errors, these emails were met with silence along with the shorter emails sending him links to my material referring to him:


I noted your unapproval of my video response concerning Sam Shamoun. I would like to remind you of the serious nature of the allegations/intimations withinthe said video.

I have given up hope of you responding which leaves me with the conclusion that you support uncholarly endeavour when it concerns the Quran but Muslims are not allowed to do the same to the Bible. This is a harsh conclusion; I was hoping you would have taken the time out to clear your name instead of simply resorting to censorship.

If I may, I will leave you with a parting shot; how can you rebuke Ergun Caner and be free from a double standard?

I genuinely believe this is another sad chapter added to the huge volume which concerns misbehaviour amongst Christian outreaches (ministries) to Muslims.

Yahya Snow

Dear Sir,

I have been waiting a good while for your response to my blog postings and YouTube videos related to the Sam Shamoun saga. I was little surprised in seeing you unapprove my video.

In my view this issue concerning Shamoun is more pressing than the issue of Caner.

Please let me know whether you are considering a response, if you are not looking to respond then please letme know so I can get some closure and concentrate fully on other projects.


Yahya Snow