Explanation for the Parental Resemblance Hadith

Yes this Hadith seems to be concerning genetics. The Arabic terms literally mean ‘water/liquid/fluid of the father’ and ‘water/liquid/fluid of the mother’. The immediate audience was not familiar with the concept of genes. In 7th century Arabia, an over-arching term like that is understandable in that it carries the meaning of genes in everyday understandable language.

وَأَمَّا الْوَلَدُ، فَإِذَا سَبَقَ مَاءُ الرَّجُلِ مَاءَ الْمَرْأَةِ نَزَعَ الْوَلَدَ، وَإِذَا سَبَقَ مَاءُ الْمَرْأَةِ مَاءَ الرَّجُلِ نَزَعَتِ الْوَلَدَ

Above is the part of the Hadith we are focussing on, translated; as for the child, if the fluid of the man SABAQA (beats) the fluid of the woman then the child resembles the man. And if the woman’s fluid SABAQA (beats) the man’s fluid then the child resembles the mother.

If a child is to have a phenotype of one of his/her parents then it means the genes of that parent SABAQA (beat) the other parent as in a competition. Both parents have genes which compete against one another. Remarkably, the word SABAQA does have the connotation of winning a competition.

Gene versions can be dominant, recessive and co-dominant. We must also remember that for most observable physical characteristics there’s more than one set of genes at play (multiple genes) – this is an area in which geneticists have little understanding (such as nose shape).  So for a child to share a trait from the father or mother it’s literally a case of whose genes beat the other.

One thing that is of interest for the seekers of truth, the Prophet (p) made a statement which is in conformity with our modern day understanding of genetics, namely if a child is to share a particular phenotype with the mother it means the mother’s genes ‘beat’ the father’s genes in that instance (the same applies vice versa). Looking at the overall picture, if the child resembles one parent more than the other it means that parent’s genes won or beat the other parents genes.

When the news of the arrival of the Prophet at Medina reached `Abdullah bin Salam, he went to him to ask him about certain things, He said, “I am going to ask you about three things which only a Prophet can answer: What is the first sign of The Hour? What is the first food which the people of Paradise will eat? Why does a child attract the similarity to his father or to his mother?” The Prophet replied, “Gabriel has just now informed me of that.” Ibn Salam said, “He (i.e. Gabriel) is the enemy of the Jews amongst the angels. The Prophet said, “As for the first sign of The Hour, it will be a fire that will collect the people from the East to the West. As for the first meal which the people of Paradise will eat, it will be the caudate (extra) lobe of the fish-liver. As for the child, if the man’s discharge proceeds the woman’s discharge, the child attracts the similarity to the man, and if the woman’s discharge proceeds the man’s, then the child attracts the similarity to the woman.” On this, `Abdullah bin Salam said, “I testify that None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, and that you are the Apostle of Allah.” and added, “O Allah’s Apostle! Jews invent such lies as make one astonished, so please ask them about me before they know about my conversion to I slam . ” The Jews came, and the Prophet said, “What kind of man is `Abdullah bin Salam among you?” They replied, “The best of us and the son of the best of us and the most superior among us, and the son of the most superior among us. “The Prophet said, “What would you think if `Abdullah bin Salam should embrace Islam?” They said, “May Allah protect him from that.” The Prophet repeated his question and they gave the same answer. Then `Abdullah came out to them and said, “I testify that None has the right to be worshipped except Allah and that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah!” On this, the Jews said, “He is the most wicked among us and the son of the most wicked among us.” So they degraded him. On this, he (i.e. `Abdullah bin Salam) said, “It is this that I was afraid of, O Allah’s Apostle.

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Inconsistent Jonathan McLatchie Mocking and Attacking Islam

I really dislike seeing Christians use double standards in their arguments against Muslim texts (Quran and Ahadith) i.e. using one standard to attack Islamic texts all the while not applying the same standard to their own text (the Bible). Jonathan McLatchie is amongst those Christians who does this. Perhaps he is just unaware of what exactly is in his Bible.

McLatchie seemingly borrowed two arguments from a well known internet Christian Islamophobe who has a history of purveying hoaxes and googled lies in his attacks against Islam.

McLatchie also offered a bit of mockery – admittedly he toned it down in comparison to the person whom he may have got the arguments from. Nevertheless, nobody wants to see the other mocking his opponents text. Jonathan would do well to stop mocking other people’s religions.

So what were Jonathan McLatchie’s two arguments concerning hygiene? Jonathan presented the Hadith of the Fly and those on water purity. He styles these as ‘blunders’ of Prophet Muhammad p and mockingly writes ‘I, for one, certainly would not want to follow Muhammad’s hygiene advice’.

Sahih Al-Bukhari 537: “Narrated Abu Huraira: The prophet said “If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.””

Sunan Abu Dawud 67: “I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him): Water is brought for you from the well of Buda’ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual cloths and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 520: “It was narrated that Jabir bin Abdullah said: “We came to a pond in which there was the carcass of a donkey, so we refrained from using the water until the Messenger of Allah came to us and said: ‘Water is not made impure by anything.’ Then we drank from it and gave it to our animals to drink, and we carried some with us.””

We have already explained these via video and text. There are perfectly reasonable explanations for these Ahadith. Jonathan clearly does not research whether the material he is copying from Islamophobes has been refuted previously or not.

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However, this is not a post to cover old ground. This is a post to appeal for consistency and highlight Jonathan’s (as well as his source’s) flawed methodology.

Jonathan McLatchie, if consistent will reject his Bible and write ‘he will not take hygiene advice from Jesus’. IF consistent. I always find this interesting, Christians of Jonathan’s ilk claim to have the Holy Spirit guiding them in Scripture yet they operate a standard when discussing other people’s faiths which upon application on the Bible ends up attacking the Bible. I’m not sure if Jonathan’s intention was to refute himself and his belief that the Holy Spirit guides him in Scripture – he did precisely that!

Here are some texts that I simply showcase for the purpose of highlighting Jonathan’s lack of consistency. I’m not mocking and nor am I attacking Christian Scripture.

Keep in mind all these texts are believed to be from Jesus (p) according to Jonathan as Jonathan believes in something called a Trinity in which he believes there are three persons in one Godhead (one of these persons is Jesus p according to Trinitarians)

1. Jonathan, if consistent would claim Jesus did not offer hygienic advice with regards to the treatment of people with skin ailments. According to Trinitarians like McLatchie Jesus p taught people to sprinkle bird blood on people suffering from leprosy, sores, swellings, rashes and for defiling skin diseases (various diseases affecting the skin). Refer to Leviticus 14: 1-7 and 14:54-57.

To add to this Leviticus 14:25 teaches smearing the blood of an animal on a person’s ear, thumb and on their toe.

Jonathan McLatchie has a problem here as sprinkling blood on a person is not seen as hygienic or safe practice and nor would it be seen as a cure for a skin ailment  – if consistent he will reject the Bible.

2. Jonathan, if consistent would claim Jesus p did not offer hygienic advice concerning mould removal in one’s house. According to Trinitarians Jesus p taught people a purification ritual involving the sprinkling of bird blood around a house successfully treated for mould.

Jonathan McLatchie has a problem here as sprinkling blood of any kind (never mind of a bird) in one’s house is not seen as a hygienic practice – if consistent he will reject the Bible.

3. Jonathan, if consistent would believes Jesus initially asked a group of people to bake bread using human faeces and then later changed the order to the use of animal faeces in the stead of human faeces. Ezekiel 4:14-15. This seems to be some sort of symbolic defilement.

Jonathan McLatchie, if consistent will call this instruction, which he believes is from Jesus p unhygienic.

4. Jonathan McLatchie believes Jesus taught a woman whose husband has died to spit in the face of the brother of the deceased husband if he refuses to marry her (see Deut 25:5-9). I’m sure Jonathan considers spitting in somebody’s face as unhygienic.

Again, if he operates the same standard here as he does when he copies arguments from Islamophobes to attack Islam, he will reject the Bible.

5. Just to round it off I want to add some food for thought on this 5th point. A man who never met Jesus p, Paul of Tarsus, abolished circumcision (Galatians 5). Circumcision is more hygienic and aids with cleanliness and disease prevention. Jonathan McLatchie, will say Paul, offered unhygienic advice (which oddly he believe was inspired by Jesus – although Jesus was circumcised). However, that’s not the matter at hand in this post.

In sum, Jonathan McLatchie, if consistent will reject the Bible based on his method of handling Islamic texts. If he’s not going to do that then he may retract this line of argumentation (this will remove him from hypocrisy – I’d recommend this option) or alternatively he has another option in remaining in hypocrisy and continue offering such argumentation all the while knowing he is being inconsistent.

The choice is his.

What is evident is the desperation of Christian apologists to grab any old argument to attack Islam, so much so that they don’t even think them through critically.

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Fly Hadith Discussed

Firstly here are the Hadith under discussion:

Narrated Abu Huraira: “Allah’s Apostle said, “If a fly falls in the vessel of any of you, let him dip all of it (into the vessel) and then throw it away, for in one of its wings there is a disease and in the other there is healing (antidote for it) i e. the treatment for that disease.”  (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 71, Number 673)”

Narrated Abu Huraira: “The Prophet said “If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.”  (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 537)”

Some critics talk about a hygiene issue here. However, we must remember the immediate audience Prophet Muhammad p is addressing – people living in arid conditions where water is not plentiful. Nobody in those arid conditions discards their drinking water upon noticing a fly falling in it thus the Non-Muslim and the Muslim on the face of it are actually doing the same thing – discarding the fly and drinking the water.

The only difference here is, the Non-Muslim takes the fly out without submerging it while the Muslim submerges it before removing it. Thus the argument that this is not hygienic goes out of the window as both parties do the same thing – they drink the water. Sure, here in the West the majority of us just discard the water and pop over to the tap and get some more water. In arid environments one cannot afford such a luxury, the water has to be used.

Having said that, there has been some preliminary research which shows water in which a fly was fully submerged is safer (contains less disease causing bacteria) than the water in which it was the fly was not fully submerged (partially submerged). See here.

There’s also some research which has found the fly contains antibiotic agents on its exterior. The surface of flies is the last place you would expect to find antibiotics, yet that is exactly where a team of Australian researchers is concentrating their efforts. Read more here

The interesting point for critics and Muslims to ponder upon is how did the Prophet know the fly carried a cure on its exterior? Sure, one can guess there is a disease on the fly through observing the places the fly visits but how can one guess it carries a cure (antibiotics)? Food for thought.

Here’s a video on the Hadith of the Fly

If the video does not play please see here

There’s another view on the subject which I came across. I don’t necessarily agree with this view but I will reproduce it here. These comments are by Abdullah Rahim:

The hadith has been narrated from three companions, Abu Hurayra, Anas ibn Malik and Abu Sa’id al-Khidri (ra-hum).In answering another question about the advantages of a particular type of date I wrote: 

The Prophet (pbuh) was a human being and as any human being had views about the affairs of the world based on his personal knowledge and experience. We are bind to follow those directives of the Prophet (pbuh) that are about or relate to our religion. As for those sayings of the Prophet (pbuh) that are entirely limited to the affairs of this world he himself has advised us to the effect that we should not treat them as divinely approved sayings.

It is narrated that when the farmers listened to the advice of the Prophet (pbuh) about not artificially fertilizing the palm trees, the trees did not produce any dates the year after. When they brought this to the attention of the Prophet (pbuh) he said: “You know better about the affairs of your world”. When Al-Nawawi comments on this, he puts it under the following title: باب وجوب امتثال ما قاله شرعا دون ما ذكره صلى الله عليه وسلم من معايش الدنيا على سيبل الرأي
“The chapter on obligation of following what he (pbuh) says related to Shar’ (religion) and not what he (pbuh) says about the affairs of the world as a personal opinion.”

I categorise the Hadith that you mentioned as one that is about the worldly affairs too and therefore do not invest on it as divinely guided information. The prophet (pbuh) was simply advising people about a hygiene issue, not as a prophet but as an elder of the community, based on his own experience and the information that was available to him at his time and at the place of his residence.

Anyone who would criticise the prophet (pbuh) on the basis of this hadith needs to be reminded that we do not consider our prophet (pbuh) or any prophets (pbut) to be divine (godly) beings. The prophets of God were human beings who were supported by the Almighty in delivering the message of Islam to their nations. They were immune in delivering this divine message and anything related to it, but not in other matters.

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Acts 17 Apologetics: David Wood and Another Dangerous Lie

Christian Missionaries and the 4 Witnesses for Rape Misconception

OK, it seems more and more people are realising it is a MISCONCEPTION to claim Muslim women require four witnesses to convict rapists.

Sadly, this misconception is being kept alive by Christian missionaries. We have just caught a Christian apologist (David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics) propagating such falsehoods at Chris Arnzen’s (from Iron Sharpens Iron) conference for pastors.

Correcting this Christian’s falsehoods on rape, rapists and Islam


If this video does not play, please view:

Christian leaders being misled

Sadly Christian leaders were being taught this misconception as a fact by their speaker. Sadder still, they even thought their speaker was an expert on Islam. Quite why there are so many self-proclaimed “experts” out there in evangelical communities is beyond me.

Advice to Chris Arnzen: If you decide to hold another conference please hire qualified folk, a Muslim imam would be a good start – at least he will know a thing or two about Islam!

Advice to David Wood: Dave, please remove this misconception from your repertoire. Please gain knowledge from reputable sources rather than second rate websites/books. Please educate yourself via the link below. An apology to Chris Arnzen and the pastors at the conference would be highly encouraged. Cheers.

Advice to Muslims: Be wary of internet lies and misconceptions. If you hear a strange claim be sure to check it with EXPERTS. Sadly, there are too many non-muslims parading as experts on Islam whilst presenting disinformation.

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