Nabeel Qureshi Telling Lies About Prophet Muhammad and Muslims

Dr Nabeel Qureshi’s Whopper of a LIE!!!

I’ve never understood the willingness of the archetypal Christian missionary to speak upon the topic of Islam whilst having a poor grasp of the subject matter. At times Christian missionaries make errors through a lack of knowledge whilst at other times they just present lies – either fabricated by their evangelical predecessors/contemporaries or products of their own fertile and dishonest imaginations.

Nabeel Qureshi’s latest falsehood is absurd to an extreme

Dr Nabeel Qureshi’s latest whopper of a fabrication (LIE) is a new one to me – I’ve honestly NEVER heard this lie before despite having investigated Christian outreaches to Muslims for some time now. Nabeel Qureshi was alleging Muhammad (p) asked his followers to pray for him in order for him to attain forgiveness and entry into paradise!!!

Now, that is an outrageous lie that the most gullible of Christian audiences would have difficulty swallowing. Nevertheless, our Nabeel presented it having primed the audience with the bog standard Christian missionary trust-me I’m-an-ex-muslim-routine.

Here is Dr Nabeel Qureshi misinforming his Christian audience

If the video does not play it can be found here:

Let the people know of your misinformation…

In my view, Dr Nabeel Qureshi will not even bother to rectify the situation – he will not bother to contact those he peddled this lie to and nor will he bother to apologise, repent or abjure himself – his co-religionists will remain shtum and avoid censuring him. I would love to be proven wrong – Nabeel feel free to do a spot of damage-control with this one via a public correction, apology and repentance.

Nabeel, if you EVER decide to put forward a presentation on Islam in the future PLEASE have it checked by a MUSLIM – email it off to a Muslim scholar or a MUSLIM apologist – Adnan Rashid, Ehteshaam Gulam, Nadir Ahmed, Sami Zaatari, Shadeed Lewis etc.. That way, you will ensure you do not mislead your Christian audience again – you don’t want to mislead them again, or do you?

Nabeel, answer by offering your apologies and repentance.

NOTE: I genuinely believe Nabeel Qureshi has been influenced by the peer pressure of the dishonest rabble-rousers who are associated with him – hence Nabeel Qureshi’s episodes of deception. Nabeel, I reckon you can be a decent bloke, please look into your friendships and revise accordingly. You owe them NOTHING. Friendship is NEVER more worthy than the TRUTH. If you want to help advance the truth please start by disassociating yourself from such folk and admonishing them for their espoused falsehoods.

Lessons to be learned

We should NEVER take advantage of an unchecked platform nor of the innocence of our co-religionists. We should always try to present matters in a truthful fashion.

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Acts 17 Apologetics: David Wood and Another Dangerous Lie

Christian Missionaries and the 4 Witnesses for Rape Misconception

OK, it seems more and more people are realising it is a MISCONCEPTION to claim Muslim women require four witnesses to convict rapists.

Sadly, this misconception is being kept alive by Christian missionaries. We have just caught a Christian apologist (David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics) propagating such falsehoods at Chris Arnzen’s (from Iron Sharpens Iron) conference for pastors.

Correcting this Christian’s falsehoods on rape, rapists and Islam

If this video does not play, please view:

Christian leaders being misled

Sadly Christian leaders were being taught this misconception as a fact by their speaker. Sadder still, they even thought their speaker was an expert on Islam. Quite why there are so many self-proclaimed “experts” out there in evangelical communities is beyond me.

Advice to Chris Arnzen: If you decide to hold another conference please hire qualified folk, a Muslim imam would be a good start – at least he will know a thing or two about Islam!

Advice to David Wood: Dave, please remove this misconception from your repertoire. Please gain knowledge from reputable sources rather than second rate websites/books. Please educate yourself via the link below. An apology to Chris Arnzen and the pastors at the conference would be highly encouraged. Cheers.

Advice to Muslims: Be wary of internet lies and misconceptions. If you hear a strange claim be sure to check it with EXPERTS. Sadly, there are too many non-muslims parading as experts on Islam whilst presenting disinformation.

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