Speaker’s Corner: Jay Smith Has Xenophobic and White Supremacist ‘Friends’

I’m always keen to put some heat on those who are involved in the Islamophobia industry here in the UK as I know the landscape well. I know the majority of Brits find Islamophobia and anti-Muslim attitudes to be deplorable thus I have no qualms in labeling somebody based in the UK as an Islamophobe (if warranted) as it sends a powerful message to the rest of the country about the said individual.

Call a racist a ‘racist. Call an Islamophobe an ‘Islamophobe’. The majority of Brits would not touch either with a barge pole. Send the message loud and clear. It works.

Jay Smith has been dressing up and excusing his ‘activities’ as witnessing the Gospel to ‘radical Muslims’. Anybody would think he’s living in ISIS heartland the way this fella carps on. It’s the ‘persecution’ cult of Christian fundamentalists kicking in – these ae the folk who want to pretend they are treading the paths of early Christians and risking their lives in peaching a Trinity and a man-god idea (concepts which are foreign to the religion of Jesus p).

Jay Smith has been doing some grooming of late, he’s been grooming some apologists to take over his ‘mission’ as he’s not getting any younger. Ageing can result in one dropping their guard, Jay Smith seems to have dropped his guard here in proclaiming folk with question marks of xenophobia, white-supremacy, racism and anti-Muslim bogotry looming over their heads.

This is a new link between Christian evangelical Islamophobia and White supremacy as well as xenophobia.

My advice to Hatun Tash, Sarah and the other Non-White chap in Jay Smith’s group called Pfander Centre for Apologetics is to run a mile. Leave this extremist. Don’t allow him to radicalise you. THINK for yourselves. The right wing movements Jay is linked to may well be focussing on Muslims for now but don’t think they will not come for you. It’s clear at least two of Jay Smith’s buddies have a strong preference for the White race in European cities.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, why is it that we have seen such a sharp increase in the number of far right wing groups attacking Muslims? These groups used to attack Jews and all Non-Whites. Do you really believe these groups have reformed and all of a sudden they love Non-White people (as long as they aren’t Muslims)? I don’t think so. They see Muslims as the easier target for now hence why they are targeting Muslims for now…

If you’re a Brit be wary and strive to fend off the Christian fundamentalist Islamophobic movement which is creeping into British churches under the guise of movements such as ‘apologetics to Muslims’, ‘tackling extremist Islam in Europe’ etc.

Christian apologetics scandal: White supremacy, xenophobia and racism

If the video does not play please see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psa8-yNJ9dY

Folk have been linking Islamophobes with racists, fascists and xenophobes here in Europe and beyond for a while. Well, Jay Smith dropped his guard and mentioned a few of his ‘friends’. We investigated his ‘friends’, Anne Marie Waters, Geert Wilders and Douglas Murray. The level of racism, xenophobia and sheer Islamophobia amongst Jay Smith’s ‘friends’ is astonishing.  Absolutely disgusting. I hope Beth Grove, Hatun Tash and the others in his group will see through the far right and white supremacist agendas which are closely tied in with Islamophobia.

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Explanation for the Parental Resemblance Hadith

Yes this Hadith seems to be concerning genetics. The Arabic terms literally mean ‘water/liquid/fluid of the father’ and ‘water/liquid/fluid of the mother’. The immediate audience was not familiar with the concept of genes. In 7th century Arabia, an over-arching term like that is understandable in that it carries the meaning of genes in everyday understandable language.

وَأَمَّا الْوَلَدُ، فَإِذَا سَبَقَ مَاءُ الرَّجُلِ مَاءَ الْمَرْأَةِ نَزَعَ الْوَلَدَ، وَإِذَا سَبَقَ مَاءُ الْمَرْأَةِ مَاءَ الرَّجُلِ نَزَعَتِ الْوَلَدَ

Above is the part of the Hadith we are focussing on, translated; as for the child, if the fluid of the man SABAQA (beats) the fluid of the woman then the child resembles the man. And if the woman’s fluid SABAQA (beats) the man’s fluid then the child resembles the mother.

If a child is to have a phenotype of one of his/her parents then it means the genes of that parent SABAQA (beat) the other parent as in a competition. Both parents have genes which compete against one another. Remarkably, the word SABAQA does have the connotation of winning a competition.

Gene versions can be dominant, recessive and co-dominant. We must also remember that for most observable physical characteristics there’s more than one set of genes at play (multiple genes) – this is an area in which geneticists have little understanding (such as nose shape).  So for a child to share a trait from the father or mother it’s literally a case of whose genes beat the other.

One thing that is of interest for the seekers of truth, the Prophet (p) made a statement which is in conformity with our modern day understanding of genetics, namely if a child is to share a particular phenotype with the mother it means the mother’s genes ‘beat’ the father’s genes in that instance (the same applies vice versa). Looking at the overall picture, if the child resembles one parent more than the other it means that parent’s genes won or beat the other parents genes.

When the news of the arrival of the Prophet at Medina reached `Abdullah bin Salam, he went to him to ask him about certain things, He said, “I am going to ask you about three things which only a Prophet can answer: What is the first sign of The Hour? What is the first food which the people of Paradise will eat? Why does a child attract the similarity to his father or to his mother?” The Prophet replied, “Gabriel has just now informed me of that.” Ibn Salam said, “He (i.e. Gabriel) is the enemy of the Jews amongst the angels. The Prophet said, “As for the first sign of The Hour, it will be a fire that will collect the people from the East to the West. As for the first meal which the people of Paradise will eat, it will be the caudate (extra) lobe of the fish-liver. As for the child, if the man’s discharge proceeds the woman’s discharge, the child attracts the similarity to the man, and if the woman’s discharge proceeds the man’s, then the child attracts the similarity to the woman.” On this, `Abdullah bin Salam said, “I testify that None has the right to be worshipped except Allah, and that you are the Apostle of Allah.” and added, “O Allah’s Apostle! Jews invent such lies as make one astonished, so please ask them about me before they know about my conversion to I slam . ” The Jews came, and the Prophet said, “What kind of man is `Abdullah bin Salam among you?” They replied, “The best of us and the son of the best of us and the most superior among us, and the son of the most superior among us. “The Prophet said, “What would you think if `Abdullah bin Salam should embrace Islam?” They said, “May Allah protect him from that.” The Prophet repeated his question and they gave the same answer. Then `Abdullah came out to them and said, “I testify that None has the right to be worshipped except Allah and that Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah!” On this, the Jews said, “He is the most wicked among us and the son of the most wicked among us.” So they degraded him. On this, he (i.e. `Abdullah bin Salam) said, “It is this that I was afraid of, O Allah’s Apostle.

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Imam Teaches Trinity Channel About the Jizya Tax

It is inevitable disingenuous Islamophobes are indeed going to give rise to a load of misconceptions. Sadly, Samar Gorial of ABN Sat was absolutely oblivious to rulings concerning Jizya despite having a bunch of “experts” as her colleagues. Why is this? Her colleagues consist of some of the most obnoxiously deceptive folk I have had the misfortune of encountering.

As an individual who investigates Christian outreaches to Muslims I can honestly say the outrage which I have witnessed from Samar Gorial’s colleagues and those who support the enterprise is even more debauched than Robert Morey’s fabrication of Ahadith literature.

Samar Gorial was devoid of any sound understanding of Jizyah as her primary teachers are agenda driven – an agenda which is demonization of Muslims. Thank God Muslims are on hand to clear away the bag of tricks, gags and heckles her colleagues of used for obfuscation purposes.

Why did Samar Gorial not know this?

If the video does not play, please see here

Advice to sincere folk and Samar Gorial

If you want to learn about Islam please do not take the circus act that is the “ABN apologist” as an authority. Erm, one of them makes up his own Quran translation to convince us bestiality is Islamic, the other one peddles sex hoaxes and claims Muslims will chop off your limbs if you fix a church roof, another claims anal sex is Islamic, others claim to be ex terrorists even though nobody of Google-searching ability believes them. I need not go on – I think you get the picture. [For those interested further in these debauched characters then please search this blog or email me]

Robert Spencer Vs Imam Moustafa Zayed – Part 2

Robert Spencer was sniggering like a schoolboy whilst Sheikh Zayed was clearing up after the circus act.

Spencer has no reason to snigger. He has just been kicked across 400 pages by Sheikh Moustafa – the imam wrote a book refuting Spencer. I have the book and confirm this. Spencer and his pals should be ashamed as they allowed the lady to fall into obvious error.

Just like his book response, imam Zayed was shown to have more class and substance than Robert Spencer.

Robert Spencer would do well to look into “The lies about Muhammad – How you were deceived into Islamophobia”. I guess his arrogance and desire for repute and cash will prevent him; however, I could be wrong.

Paying Jizya is Biblical – Submission to Governing Authorities

Sadly Christians continue to throw their Bible under the bus and dispose every ounce of consistency whilst attacking a perfectly reasonable aspect of Islam. There is NOTHING wrong with Jizya – both Biblically and Islamically! We have already discussed this issue via a previous blog post and one by Jonathon (TGV19). For those who are interested further you can view the following pages:

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Would you like to learn about Islam? Ever wanted to learn the truth about Jesus and Muhammad (pbut)? Would you like a relationship with God? If yes:


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May Allah reward Imam Moustafa Zayed and Brother Abdullah Kunde for their efforts. Ameen.

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Jonathan McLatchie’s Atheist Argument of Scientific Error is Refuted

I’m always surprised to hear Christians use this type of argument as they too believe in the unseen. If Christians are consistent then that means they would be arguing against teachings in the Bible.

An important video showing us how to refute the Atheist claim (also some Christians use it uncritically) that there is a scientific error in the Quran (claiming the Quran teaches the stars are missiles hurled at demons/devils/jinn). Don’t be fooled by this Atheistic type of argument. Muslims do not believe it’s the stars themselves which veer from their course to attack the Shayateen. On top of this, how can anybody say it’s a scientific error when the Shayateen (demons) cannot be seen – this is about the unseen – it’s not observable through scientific means. Watch the video to learn how to refute this argument quckly and simply.

And verily We have adorned the lowest heaven, the one closest to the earth, with lamps, with stars, and made them missiles against the devils, should they [attempt to] listen by stealth, in which case a meteor of fire detaches itself from the star, just like a brand is taken from a fire, and either kills that jinn or deprives him of his senses: it is not that the star itself is displaced from its position; and We have prepared for them the chastisement of the Blaze, the ignited Fire.

Tafsir Jalalayn 67:5

The jinn say: And we made for the heaven, we desired to listen by stealth, but we found it filled with mighty guards, from among the angels, and meteors, scorching stars: this was at the time of the sending of the Prophet (s). And we used to, that is to say, before his Mission, sit in [certain] places therein to listen in; but anyone listening now will find a meteor lying in wait for him, aimed at him, ready to strike him.
Tafsir Jalalayn 72:8-9

For more refutations of claims of errors in the Quran, please see:

Samuel Green Refusing to Defend Hatred?

Recently Nabeel Qureshi declined to defend David Wood‘s Islamophobia. The scholarly Ali Ataie has denounced David Wood in no uncertain terms. We have learnt James White through his conversation with Ijaz Ahmad of Calling Christians has rebuked Sam Shamoun for his tone and abusive comments. We know Negeen Mayel left David Wood and denounced him as self-radicalised. We also know that David Wood’s friend, a professional in psychology, has said this about Sam Shamoun in the past:

Samis straight bi-polar with narcissistic personalitytraits.

Is there anybody with any credibility willing to defend these two Islamophobic Christian hate-preachers? It doesn’t seem so. Quite telling!


Well let’s put it to another test in the form of Samuel Green. Samuel Green is a pastor. You’d think a pastor would not support the abuse and hate-preaching of Shamoun and Wood.

Recently, Sam Shamoun upon reading this post for some inexplicable reason sent a group hate email directed to myself and his fellow Christian (Minoria). Amongst the addressees of this malicious email was pastor Samuel Green. Now, I have spoken to pastor Samuel Green in the past and highlighted the anti-Christian actions of David Wood and Sam Shamoun. Guess what? Pastor Samuel Green has NEVER defended them. That’s quite telling, don’t you think?

Pastor Samuel Green was witness to an email insulting myself and a Christian who goes by the name of Minoria. The email by Shamoun contained insults against Islam. I shall not reproduce the email but those interested can contact pastor Samuel Green to verify such a hate email was sent.

I will allow pastor Samuel Green 5 days to decide whether he condones such emailing by David Wood and Sam Shamoun. From my experience with pastor Samuel Green his silence is quite deafening – whenever he cannot support something he remains silent. I predict silence.

‘I Got Money on My Mind’

Christian Islamophobes, how do you get these folk to stop embarrassing themselves and their church? You stop giving them money!

Surely you would rather give money to starving children in Africa than to a couple of internet Christian hate-preachers who don’t seem to have real jobs.

Oh another thing, these two characters don’t even seem to be versed in Christianity so why in the world are Islamophobic Christians giving them money over starving children in Africa?

Here are the two Christian hate preachers opposing Biblical teachings:

The irony is, Sam’s abuse comments also contained the claim of myself seeking his/’their’ attention. Which is interesting considering I received this comment offering me advice:

Great Job brother Yahya, Sam is desperate asking for the
attention, because his apologist career is dying and he knows that very well. He
has no academic credentials, So he is so desperate for the spotlight. Leave him,
Let his apologist career die.

It’s ironic the bloke tries to use me to revive his career and grab a few crumbs of attention. 2/3/4 years ago (however long ago it was!) he was crying out for attention, he got it from me. The result? Well the result is a ton of videos disseminated over the internet showing him to be a dishonest, unscholarly and unworthy man – not to mention all those blog posts.

And let’s not forget Shamoun promising to continue to spam my blog. A promise that he seems to be tiring from.

Of course, I don’t for one minute expect Nabeel, Samuel or even James to come out and support the hate preaching and abuse by Dave and Sam. You’re all alone boys. Nobody with an ounce of rationalism, sincerity and knowledge of the Bible will support you per se.

I call you away from Islamophobia. Think about it, when mental health professionals are opining that you may be ‘bi-polar’ you should recognise Isamophobia is doing nothing for your character development. Sure, you may have a few dollars in the bank account from the gullible and equally hateful Islamophobes on the net but are you really going to continue selling your characters and mental health for a few dollars?

Get a job guys. Trust me, you feel better once you get out there with the rest of the normal folk.


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