The Nabeel Qureshi Scandal Continues…

A new video just dropped into my lap (from the RefutingActs17 team); we all know Nabeel Qureshi’s mentor David Wood (as well as Nabeel) has been going around claiming Nabeel was an exMuslim who has converted to Christianity.

There are SERIOUS problems in this claim.

So somebody on YouTube has done some digging around and put forward an airtight argument showing Nabeel Qureshi and his colleagues have not really been telling us the full story.

Apparently, our Nabeel Qureshi was an Ahmadi before he converted to Christianity. Thus, he followed the Ahmadiyya faith; a faith which believes in a man named Mirza Gulam Ahmed as a Prophet and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Did Nabeel believe this man (Gulam) to be Jesus and a Messiah? Did he also believe Jesus went to India?

I’m not too familiar with the Ahmadi faith, I don’t imagine many of you are familiar with this faith. Perhaps that is why David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi decide to use the term “former Muslim” rather than “former Ahmadi”. It does look more impressive if you have a former
Muslim on board whilst traducing Islam and doing down Muslims; that would impress the anti-Muslim brigade on the internet, perhaps they will even empty their wallets and purses. A “former Ahmadi” does not sound impressive at all

I do hope people begin to describe Nabeel Qureshi’s past faith in a more accurate fashion from now on

This was the video outline (by the original uploader):
We’ve finally been able to put together a convincing argument that Nabeel was never a Muslim, and never has been a Muslim. Nabeel was an Ahmadi, a member of a highly heretical deviant group known as Ahmadiyya. They are branded as heretics in every Muslim country and barely make up even 0.1% of the entire Muslim Populace. Fellow Christians it is your duty to decide whether Nabeel Qureshi has delivered you the complete truth. You can either follow in Christ’s footsteps or you can blind to the fact that he has lied to you. It is your choice.