Evidence That Islam Teaches That There Was Textual Corruption of The Christian and Jewish Scriptures

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 Article reposted from Call to Monotheism

Evidence That Islam Teaches That There Was Textual Corruption of The Christian and Jewish Scriptures


Bassam Zawadi

One of the most common arguments that Christian missionaries pose to the Muslims is that Islamic teachings allegedly affirm the authenticity and divine nature of the Bible that Christians follow today (I’m not sure if they are referring to the Protestant or Catholic version or both. I guess it depends on with which Christian you are debating.).

There seems to be a misconception amongst Christians. They think that Islam teaches that there once was an original Bible and then the Bible got corrupted. This is not what Islam teaches.

We don’t believe that there was an original book of Philippians or Corinthians, which then later on got corrupted. We don’t even believe that these books are divine in the first place.

What we believe is that parts of…

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