Nabeel Qureshi & The “Question” of Muhammad’s Salvation

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In the two blog posts that have so far been published I have shown Nabeel Qureshi to be a sly, cunning proselytizer, one who thinks he can cheat the intellectual faculties of his congregants. When we put his arguments to scrutiny, however, we discover his strategies usually entail  presenting things in a binary, dichotomous fashion, and when convenient, committing the fallacy of contextomy (click here).

Truth be told, his arguments  seem to be effective since only a few members of the Baptist community have shown interest in challenging him. Could it be, perhaps, that he assumes a level authority not seen before at the pulpit given how often he conceals his Ahmadi past while touting to be a true blue ex-Muslim (click here)? Another oft-said lie Nabeel peddles is that the Prophet Muhammad did not know whether salvation awaited for him after his death, so much so, he asserts Muhammad used to ask his community…

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