Evangelical use of Prof. Larry Hurtado to prove Jesus is God backfires badly

Good job Asad and Paul. Also did a video containing the Hurtado comments alongside James White’s evangelical claims to help get the message across to our evangelical friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RK_9wrut3A

Blogging Theology

Asad posted a comment on my Concluding Comments from Bart Ehrman and Michael Bird post. It is so insightful and significant I thought it worthwhile to make a separate post of it here.

Asad wrote:

Notice what Hurtado said:

“The historical Jesus did not claim he was divine and did not demand worship. The reason why the early Christians treated him as divine … was because they believed that God had exalted him to heavenly glory…” see 42:00 onwards.

I bring this to attention because evangelical Christian apologists, on the internet, often appeal to Hurtado when using critical scholarship to “show” that Jesus claimed to be divine or God in his historical ministry.

Hurtado’s argument, however, is that Jesus did not claim to be God/divine and was not worshipped as such in his historical ministry. Jesus was elevated in status, or exalted, by his followers upon their experience of the…

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