How Muslim Attacks on Jonathan McLatchie’s Errors Helped Expose Islamophobic Propaganda on Trinity Channel ABN

Raise a glass of carrot juice and celebrate. Celebrate the positive that came out of all the hard work which went in on Jonathan McLatchie. McLatchie was presenting the Anti-Muslim propaganda of ‘Sharia No Go Zones’ in Europe and he was challenged on it repeatedly by Muslims. What’s the result, he has now on a Christian missionary channel, which is tied in with many Islamophobes, challenged an Islamophobic pastor who brought the claim up. The significance is greater still, this was on a channel which one suspects a great number of its audience have been subjected to the LIE of Muslim No-Go-Zones. Well done to Jonathan for being honest enough to do so in front of people who may not have really wanted to hear the claim challenged – from my observation of ABN I suspect the Trinity Channel’s audience has a few unsophisticated and Islamophobic characters within its midst.

I hope Pastor Joseph Najm (star:)) will be next to speak out when confronted with Islamophobic propaganda.Note, the title of their program discussing Muslims and Islam in Europe on the Trinity Channel was really provocative and confrontational – ‘Where’s Charles Martel’ – perhaps Trinity Channel were appealing to the more Islamophobic element amongst their audience or perhaps the folk over there are overloading on the red meat. Calm yourselves down.


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