A Clarification

This is my latest video concerning Jonathan, it was pretty opportunistic as somebody sent me material related to Walid Shoebat and Christian Prince, thus I was working on a vid concerning those two characters. It just so happened Christian Prince (CP) and McLatchie shared a TV platform together yesterday. I believe CP advertised it on his YT so I was naturally curious to see what CP would do/say, especially considering his claim that he would call out Shabir Ally and others on the show. I stand by this video. I believe this type of activism will assist Christians in pinpointing the infiltration of Islamophobia in their evangelism and ultimately shun the characters involved as well as this type of activism acting as a deterrence to potential Islamophobes who were thinking of involving themselves in a similar game.

From a personal point of view, here are all my videos, I defy anybody to pull out a significant amount of what is deemed unreasonable criticism and indeed personal attacks:


I stand by all my videos on Jonathan. I believe this is part of apologetics. Correcting somebody who is new on the block and just happens to be borrowing the same arguments as Nabeel, Wood, Shamoun and Spencer serves a few purposes. One of these purposes is that it deters other Christians/Islamophobes from blindly rehashing old refuted material – they know they will look foolish if they do so. As for the reason why it seems pretty constant, it’s because it’s easy. McLatchie literally copies an argument from somebody I have refuted in the past via video thus I just rehash the old vid to make a new one rebuking Jonathan. I’m hardly going to sit on my hands and let McLatchie a free pass – especially given some of his underhand approaches in dialogue of late (I will not go into this) and the fact he’s a fellow Brit who has made comments of late which fuel Islamophobia in Britain and assist in damaging community cohesion in many parts of the UK with larger Muslim populations (one of which I currently reside in).

I think this can be an interesting discussion base for the best approach to Islamophobes on the net (I’m speaking in general). I strongly believe it’s our duty to be vocal about Islamophobia within Christian apologetics, even more so given the spread of the American fundamentalist Christian approach in the UK, this would inevitably involve tackling individuals. If we remain silent, how can we expect Islamophobia within Christian communities to dissipate?

I also believe tackling them via vids on an individual basis serves a positive function in denting Islamophobic designs as well as boosting the morale of young Muslims who are feeling overwhelmed on the net by a constant stream of anti-Muslim hatred.

I recall in my early days on YT, tackling a fella who claimed to be exMuslim and he was making vids with the standard iinternet arguments – I responded to him, correcting him over a period of time. He soon went away. He deleted his vids recognising the error in his way. Respect to him for his sincerity in that regard. Result. On the flip side, I have also noticed a Christian apologist who upon being corrected went to the extent of trying to censor (DMCAs etc) the replies and even change the name of his organisation just so the mistakes and offensive comments highlighted within my material (as well as other material) did not affect his potential career $$$. He of course was not sincere but nevertheless he will think twice before engaging in low-level attacks on Muslims and Islam. There’s a positive result in there somewhere. My material on Shamoun and Wood has actually received positive feedback to the extent that people were just relieved to find vids showing the errors in such a constant and aggressive form of islamophobia. Let’s not forget Ergun Caner, it was a Muslim vlogger who pretty much hounded him on the net to spark the demise of his con. There are, no doubt, many other examples.

I’d be interested to know other people’s opinions and experiences,what has/hasn’t worked for you? This is a good discussion base. Let’s have this discussion without people getting too excited and trying to turn it into some sort of cyber brawl.

Or if somebody does not want to post it here, feel free to email me: yahyasnow@yahoo.co.uk. Part of blogging/vlogging is taking in feedback and other Muslim POVs regardless of whether they are divergent from one’s own mindset.


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