Nabeel Qureshi Misuses Multiple Scleroris Sufferer to Attack Islam!

May Allah guide the lady to Islam (if not already Muslim) and remove her illness from her. Ameen
Nabeel Qureshi’s friend was rebuked for misusing rape victims in his attacks aganst Muslims and Islam. So are we really surprised that, in this video, Nabeel takes the opportunity to misuse the suffering of a MS sufferer who opened up her personal life to Nabeel and Ravi Zacharias? Nabeel is callous in using the opportunity to attack Islam. Hs attacks were fallacious. His emotional deception that he presented was just that – emotional and deceiving. For more information of Nabeel’s friend misusing rape victims to further his Islamophobic agenda see here

For more on the gentleman in the video, Nabeel Qureshi:

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