How The West Disgracefully Uses Gay Muslims in Muslim Countries!

This is a shocking truth about Western Liberalism. It does not care about gay/lesbian Muslims in Muslim countries. It wants to [mis]use the gullible amongst them to further its cause.  An Asian gay man living in the West gives a piece of callous advice to gay Muslims in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh which is effectively calling for gay Muslims in Muslim countries to become pawns for Western Liberalism and risk/give their lives for such a cause!

You don’t see the political elite here in the UK or any other Western country sending their sons or daughters to die for Western Liberalism in Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Their kids aren’t on the streets of Karachi, Surabaya, Dhaka or Jedda openly calling for gay pride marches. Why not? Once you’ve thought about that, ask yourself; why do we have dangerous folk like the bloke in this video encouraging gay Muslims in these countries to risk/lose their lives to push this cause. A cause which only serves Western Liberalism.

These people don’t care about gay Muslims, I do. I’m a straight Muslim who does not want to see Muslim lives being used as pawns for causes espoused by people sitting comfortably here in the West. Wake up, Muslims. Do not be taken for a ride. Do not be fooled by the ‘encouragement’ and advice of the dangerous man in this video. If you are a gay Muslim in a Muslim country who is being pressurized to work for this agenda please email me:

Why Muslims should rescue Asif Quraishi (aka Asifa Lahore) 

Gay  and lesbian Muslims can become heterosexuals

Best religion for homosexuals?

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