Is Beth Grove Radicalizing Young Christians Like Jonathan McLatchie? UK Churches Warned Against Islamophobic Christian Fundamentalism

Are the churches in the UK being infiltrated by an Islamophobic cabal of fundamentalist Christian apologists? A group of Christian fundamentalists who recognise the difficulty in trying to convert Muslims through argumentation alone and thus have now began to use sinister means in an attempt to undermine Muslims and marginalise Muslims from society in an effort to break the spirit of the Muslims in Europe. Here’s a comment from a gentleman who knows this Christian fundamenatlist lady who is spreading demonizing propaganda about Islam, Beth Grove:

I know Beth from Speakers Corner. She is a close associate of missionary Jay Smith and his secretary. She tries to convert Muslims to her brand of fundamentalist Christianity by twisting the facts and lying about Islam. Jonathan McLatchie is now part of this vile Islamophobic clique.

For further reading see:

More Islamophobic propganda from Newcastle University’s Jonathan McLatchie

ISIS exposed by a Muslim scholar


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