Inconsistency and Inaccuracy

This is a video in which we see a Christian apologist, Jonathan McLatchie of Cross Examined, just copy some internet Islamophobic lies and repeats them in a church. I’m not sure if these lies were first propagated by somebody called ‘Pfander’ in 2003 or if Jonathan saw the relatively recent Islamophobic material from an Islamophobe called Sam Shamoun.

An article rebuking Shamoun:

The Christian missionary Sam Shamoun claims that Archangel Gabriel breathed into the vagina of Mary in order that the conception of Jesus would take place, he alleges that the above Qur’anic verse [Referencing 66:12] ideally gives this understanding. Although he quotes Imam Ibn Kathir, he simply (or intentionally) fails to understand what the Imam is saying. All Muslim commentators and scholars indisputably agree that Angel Gabriel breathed into the opening of Mary’s garment, not into her vagina as the missionary’s mind fantasizes. It is reported on authority of Ibn ‘Abbas and Qatada that Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary, the daughter of ‘Imran, in a human form, he approached her in order to breathe the spirit of Jesus into her, but she prevented him from even approaching the opening of her garment; this is the meaning of Mary guarding her farj because the Arabic word “farj” applies to any opening, gap or slit. When Gabriel introduced himself to Mary and informed her about his mission, she let him breathe the spirit of Jesus into the opening of her garment; this is the meaning of breathing into her farj. However, Mr. Shamoun – without a glance of hesitation – assumed that the Arabic word “faarj” must refer to the vagina of Mary and that Gabriel directly breathed into her vagina.

See the entire refutation and rebuke here:


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