Are Jonathan McLatchie and Jay Smith proof that church-goers aren’t interested in learning about a trinity?

This is an interesting collection of clips. Here we see Jay Smith’s friend, Jonathan McLatchie of Cross Examined, claim the only miracle of Prophet Muhammad p was the Quran (despite there being copious Ahadith literature on different miracles given to the Prophet p – perhaps Jonathan has just not read this material). We see clips from Dr Yasir Qadhi and Abdurraheem Green which refute Jonathon’s borrowed Christian apologetics claim. James White, in a clip at the end of the video claims 75% of church goers are ignorant of their Trinity belief. Which does get one wondering why these Christian apologists spend so much time talking about Islam inaccurately rather than teaching and preaching a Trinity belief? Is it because they know their church audiences aren’t really interested in their Trinity belief?

For more information on Jonathan McLatchie’s apologetics please see the link below:

For links to the video presentations on miracles of Prophet Muhammad p please see:


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