Islamophobic Hate Preaching to be investigated at St Timothy’s Parish Church, Hemlington, Middlesbrough

These are the comments a speaker at St Timothy’s Parish in Middlebrough made. This post will hopefully make it easier for the parish to investigate the hate-preaching that took place on its premises.

In this clip Jonathan McLatchie espouses a theory which he borrowed from an American ‘self-radicalised’ right wing blogger called David Wood. This theory which Jonathan presents in St. Timothy’s Parish Church, Middlesbrough (UK) suggests British Muslims and indeed all Muslim communities in the EU are sneaky fifth columns who will sooner or later become progressively more violent (including becoming terrorists) and then ultimately ‘persecute’ and ‘subjugate’ NonMuslims. In this video I use a clip of Cambridge University’s expert on Islam to correct Jonathan’s misinformation about terrorism in Jihad. As for his theory, it’s hateful lunacy that he borrowed from a right-wing extremist known for attacking Muslims.

In this clip of Jonathan McLatchie in the Middlesbrough church he sounds like a member of a far right Christian group. I’m not saying he is a member of any racist and/or Islamophobic groups but his comments are certainly extremist and hate-preaching. I have used an old video I made rebuking the well known Islamophobe for presenting the same lie as Jonathan did (Muslim/Sharia no-go-zones in France). The extremist Islamophobe, Jonathan McLatchie, then rounds off his bigotry as he describes some Muslim communities in Europe as ‘cancers’ . Quite what this type of propaganda is doing at St Timothy’s Parish Church is beyond me.

The following clip is NOT from St Timothy’s Parish Church, but it’s an unsavoury right wing conversation involving Jonathan McLatchie who St Timothy’s Parish Church invited into their church to hold a talk to at least one occasion. In this clip they seem to be against Muslim populations increasing in size in Europe as well as appearing to be in opposition to Muslim immigration. As well as both seemingly to suggest Muslims are not peaceful and not to be trusted when we claim to be peaceful. Jonathan calls something a cancer, something which is ‘invited into’ a nation, is he talking about Muslim immigration here? Whatever he’s talking about it’s really distasteful and Islamophobic. I am not sure if his comments/views are legal in the UK as per the anti-hate laws.

For further information and discussion please

Muslims are being abused verbally and physically on the streets of England. Islamophobia is real. Comments  such as those from Jonathan McLatchie in churches are only going to fan the flames of hatred against Muslims. This may even lead to an increase in hate crimes against Muslims in the North East. Churches should take the responsibility to try and stamp out anti-Muslim hate crimes as the perpetrators of these crimes do come from a white Christian heritage generally so perhaps these criminals will be more willing to listen if churches condemned Islamophobia publicly.This is especially needed in this current climate where right wing groups are tying to ignite a race war.


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