Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Rapes in Muslim Country

Here Hirsi Ali attributes the attitudes of some Muslims to Islam itself. But we can hardly credit to Islam everything that Muslims do. Yet this is a mistake Hirsi Ali makes throughout her book. For example, when in a Muslim majority nation many women were raped, Hirsi Ali blamed this on Islam (p. 146). Thus she failed to see that in a case like this the fault is not with the faith, which forbids rape, but with the rapists for failing to follow the faith. 

From Dr Shabir Ally’s review of Ayan Hirsi Ali’s book
Reveal Muslim Scholars Views on Rape For All

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and Imam Suhain Webb on rape and rapists

ISIS and ‘Forced Sex’ and ‘Extreme Sex’ Claims

Did Muslims or Zionists Send Death Threats to Jenny Tonge?



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