New Testament Papyri Discoveries

I understand there are sensibilities here, but my question is a sincere one to provoke thought; does it not bother the Christian that these manuscripts which are used to reconstruct the modern-day  Bible are being discovered in rubbish heaps?

Christian scholar, C.E. Hill, in his book ‘Who Chose the Gospels’ writes:

When speaking of papyrus discoveries this exotic-sounding place called Oxyrhynchus (it’s meaning in Greek is as odd as it sounds in English: city of the sharp-nosed fish) must take pride of place. Excavations of the ancient Oxyrhynchus rubbish heaps conducted in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, mainly by two Oxford scholars, Bernard P. Grenfell and Arthur S. Hunt, have provided the world with about 500,000 pieces of papyrus to study – only about a tenth of which have so far been published. It is from Oxyrhynchus, more than from any other single place, that the flow of once-lost New Testament papyri has come. Scholars are now able to work with a total of 126 papyrus fragments of New Testament texts from the first several centuries of Christian history (along with over 5,000 later, parchment manuscripts), at least fifty-four of which were discovered at Oxyrhynchus. [Who Chose the Gospels?, C.E Hill, Oxford University Press, 2010, p13-14]


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