Trying to get Michelle away from Hatred for Muslims

Michelle writes: When you have been on the receiving end of Muslim hate merchantswhohave abused you which I have been and your sons then you would understand why I want this religion of HATE towards me and other non Muslims banned and destroyed to stop this sick enslavement of yazidi and Christian women, the burning of our churches and the Demand everything you want over everyone else who is non muslim then you would feel the same way as I do
My message to Michelle: Wait, whatever happened to forgiveness? Muslims did something bad to you so you blame the religion and hate all Muslims? So by that logic all African Americans should hate white Christians…after all it was the white Christians who kidnapped, raped and tortured their people while getting rich off their hard work…

Do you see how flawed your argument is?

PLEASE talk to your local imam. Really, have positive dialogues with Muslims. Stop the hatred of Muslims. Try to understand and befriend.

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Russell Brand – Muslims Treated Like Jews in Germany in the 30s

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QURAN MIRACLES] The Miracles of the Number 19 in Quran | Dr. Shabir Ally


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