More David Wood Nonsense

ABN has gained an anti-Muslim and an untrustworthy reputation – it’s basically scene as a hate-fest.
Here are two of their recent absurd lies. These are lies that the Christian
fundamentalist (David Wood) would NEVER bring to a live debate for the fear of
humiliation, yet he and his friend (Sam Shamoun) have an unchecked platform plus
a desperation for viewers on Bassim Gorial’s ABN that they have been exploiting assiduously in
spreading internet vile lies

ABNSat’s David Wood (with Sam Shamoun) bring ‘the sex with a dead woman’ lie

Why does Bassim Gorial give this type of hatred and deceit a platform on
ABN SAT? Is it because most of his audience are anti-Muslims and anti-Islam
lunatics who demand such material?

Here is a link to a past article which has already refuted
this ‘sex with dead aunt claim’:


Another ABN Sat Scandal – Cross Dressing Lie
Christian fundamentalist, David Wood, presented this cross
dressing lie on ABN as well as his personal YouTube channel (on which he even
dressed in his wife’s nightie!):
Matthew 5:11 and Advice to Christians and MuslimsAs Muslims we are facing a malicious propaganda campaign from
Christian radicals. We are constantly bombarded by the most crazed insults yet
we continue to hold firm. The Christian radicals direct their insults at us as
their faith is questioned with our solid and more logical belief of Jesus (p)
being a Prophet rather than being God. These radical Christians would do well to contemplate on
Matthew 5:11

“God blesses you when people mock you and persecute you
and lie about you and say all sorts of evil things against you because you are
my followers.
New Living Translation

We as Muslims, indeed follow the teaching of Jesus – Only
God is worthy of worship.
Muslims, stay strong!

Sincere Christians, please help rebuke the mischief-makers
who are attention/fame-seeking amongst your communities.

May Allah bless His Prophets further and May Allah guide us
and bless us all further. Ameen.

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