Christian Pastor Learns about Hijab

If the video does not play, see:

Here we see the Islamophobic Christian Pastor (Joesph Najm ABNSat) claiming he does not understand the hijab yet Christianity has similar teachings of covering the head and dressing modestly – sadly in modern times we are seeing Christians forgetting the teachings of modesty so much so that they are criticising Muslim women who wear the hijab.

In the video we see a study shows that modestly dressed women receive respectful thoughts as compared to women dressed in a bikini (immodest dress).

The Pastor claims believing in Christianity will prevent temptation was diametrically opposed to the statistics which showed 80% of Christian evangelical youths in America engaged in premarital sex.

We also note that statistics show Muslims to have the least premarital sex out of all the major faith groups studied:

Early Christian and Jewish communities married early (puberty as a minimum age):


Pastor Joseph Najm learned the hard way. Sure he ended up with some egg on his face however if he is sincere he will apologise and never argue against the hijab again.

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