Negeen Mayel on David Wood

I have had email conversation with a young lady called Negeen Mayel. She used to be part of Acts 17 Apologetics/Answering Muslims. As the emails are confidential I shall not publish them, however she did leave a comment on my blog which is open to the public so I shall feature it in this blog post. Through Negeen Mayel’s comments one can observe that people do see through the hatred and sheer radicalisation which Islamophobia brings upon a person.

I honestly to this day have never viewed that video that David posted. I don’t need to, he is wearing a womans spaghetti strap and posted it on his website that is associated with his ministry that seeks to win Muslims to Christ. This degree of outlandishness displays a lack of sheer respect towards the muslim community and that video should not have been posted. Over time I have come to seriously doubt the wisdom behind certain things that David does. Self radicalization can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, I think David has self radicalized himself into having a perspective of Islam that is heavily influenced by evil actions committed by bad people. If I wanted to spend all day reading articles about evil actions committed by Afghanis I would begin to hate all Afghans, but because I have a broader understanding of the Afghan community, because I have been around Afghans who love, laugh, and give generously I understand that not all Afghans are terrorists who hate women. I really wish David would spend less time self radicalizing himself and spend more time amongst the homes of normal muslims who love the good things in this world

It’s sad to see a bloke who absolutely oblivious to the irony of him painting Muslims as extremists looking to rape, plunder and butcher whilst he himself is being labelled a radical by his own friends/colleagues. Speaking about his friends and colleagues, where’s Nabeel Qureshi? That’s right, he is not part of Dave’s crew anymore? Where’s Hogan, I haven’t seen him for a while? Has he left hatred of Muslims and Islam too?

I think this is a success story that should help inspire all those who are opposing Islamophobes – people do turn away from the Islamophobes and recognise THEM as the radicals!

David, is this the what you want to be known for? People who donate to you and feed your ego are not your friends. I’ve seen the comments of some of your followers – these people hate Muslims. What happens when these people get bored or just grow up? They will leave you – no more donations and no more ego-feeding yelps. Look at the example of Sam, he’s been doing his stuff for well over a decade and he is scratching around on the net for donations with a miserable reputation amongst his own and amongst Muslims. Is this what you want? Is this what you really want? This IS what Islamophobia delivers.

Dave, please have a rethink.

NOTE: I hope this post helps encourage others affiliated with Islamophobic elements to break free.

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Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim. Now is the time.

Learn about Islam:

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