‘Okay’ is a word which originates from Africa according to the scholar, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

When the slaves came over from West Africa they used the word ‘wokay’ as a positive response to the slave masters’ orders. This word was changed to okay and now it’s recognised all over the world. Little did we know of the African origin of the word!

Percentage of Muslim slaves brought to the Americas:

African and Arabs Marrying at time of the Prophet p:

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

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Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother/sister of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Best Religion for Homosexuals and Bisexuals? Islam or Christianity?


I recently entered a discussion in which we touched on the topic of whether Islam or Christianity was better for a gay person who wants to remain chaste (i.e. not have same-sex sexual relations).

For me it’s clear that Islam is the better religion for the gay man, gay woman (lesbian) and for the bisexual man/woman who wants to remain chaste.

Firstly before moving on to some practical and spiritual considerations that help the homosexual and bisexual to remain chaste we must mention that Islam teaches pure monotheism – worship God alone. This is the message of all the Prophets (p). In Trinitarian Christianity they do not teach pure monotheism, the teaching in Trinitarian Christianity is a 3 in 1 teaching where they also attribute divinity to Prophet Jesus (p).

So in beliefs Islam is the religion for all of those who want to adhere to the basic teaching of all Prophets (p).

When it comes to practicalities to help the homosexual/bisexual person to avoid same-sex sexual relations, Islam has more to offer than Christianity:

1. Islam obligates the adherent to break from the world and worship God at least FIVE times in the 24 hour day at different intervals – this obviously leaves the Muslim more spiritually charged to battle any desires he/she may have. Another point to be taken from this obligation is that it leaves the person with less time for sin. In Christianity these fine teachings are absent.

2. In Islam, for a whole month every year, Muslims fast. Fasting would help the person of same sex attraction to recharge spiritually. This would obviously help anybody wanting to remain chaste – whether the person is homosexual or heterosexual. This fasting is not present in Christianity.

3. Islam does not allow the consumption of alcohol at all. We know that alcohol leads to a lot of sexual sins as it lowers the inhibitions. This problem is killed off straight away in Islam by complete prohibition of alcohol. In Christianity this is not the case, the teaching in Christianity is to not get drunk – this is obviously a very difficult thing to do due to the nature of the substance, one glass of wine leads to another and it ultimately leads to drunkenness.

4. In Islam, looking at the nudity of a person of the same gender is not allowed, thus helping to remove any temptations in locker rooms/changing rooms:

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) expressly forbade one man to look at the ‘awrah of another, or one woman to look at the ‘awrah of another. It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No man should look at the ‘awrah of another man, and no woman should look at the ‘awrah of another woman.”      http://islamqa.info/en/66824

I am not aware of a similar teaching in Christianity.

5. In the Mosques you are unlikely to find people who support gay marriage or who are openly gay/lesbian/bisexual whilst these people are becoming more and more common in churches thus the danger, for the homosexual/bisexual who wants to remain chaste, of getting in with a crowd which could lead them to same-sex sexual relations is greater in the churches rather than the mosques.

6. Muslim art is dominated by beautiful calligraphy and fine patterns while Christian art is focussed on life drawings. Many of these life drawings are indeed of naked semi-naked figures. Of course this does not help the person with same-sex attraction at all.

7. Cultures in Muslim communities are modest yet cultures in Christian communities are not as modest.

8. Muslims have the least sex outside of marriage according to statistics. Clearly something is working for Muslims:


If you are a bisexual, homosexual (gay/lesbian) who wants to remain chaste then Islam is for you. As a matter of fact, Islam is for everybody, the doors of repentance and mercy are open:

Further reading:
For Gay Men: What’s Better Islam or Unitarian Universalism?

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:

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Jesus taught people to do the Will of God (according to Mark 3:35) in order to become his brothers, mothers or sisters. A Muslim means one who submits to the Will of God. Do you want to become a brother of Jesus? If yes, become a Muslim.

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James White v David Wood?

There we have it. Dr James White, if he’s consistent, cannot support David Wood and has to denounce his abject ignorance and label him as an embarrassment to anybody who promotes him. It’s amazing David Wood gets paid for this abject ignorance.

I’d imagine James White does not support the antics of David Wood at all, just as we recently learned that he does not support Sam Shamoun’s verbal abuse of Muslims. The thing with James White is that he keeps it in-house when it comes to his associates who happen to be in his camp. The same manner is not afforded to those out of his camp such as Ergun Caner.

I just hope one day James White takes it upon himself to speak out against the apologetics disasters within American evangelism to Muslims. All this, ‘Muslims are coming to rape you’ propaganda in the guise of Christian evangelism is deemed pathetic to the Muslims and to the Christians it’s an embarrassment.

I understand anti-Muslim rhetoric on the net can get the donations rolling in but come on, is it worth selling your dignity for? NO!

James White Surely Believes David Wood Is An Embarrassment to Anyone Who Promotes Him? NOTE: The clips of JW are him talking about Ahmed Deedat, yet they would apply to David Wood if JW is consistent!

Islam does not allow rape, Sami Zataari:

Here’s a Muslim community leader and 500 mosques across the UK condemning the sexual grooming of girls by Muslim gangs:

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:http://thefactsaboutislam.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/christians-are-having-dreams-and.htmlLearn about Islam:http://www.thedeenshow.com

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Pakistani Super Hero Defeating Online Porn – Good News Story

Some people in the West have a negative view of Pakistan (and Pakistanis) due to negative news stories but the West really needs more people like this Pakistani teen who collected a list of adult websites that he thinks should be blocked. This Pakistani hero didn’t just do this, he passed it onto the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in an effort to assist its on-going efforts to block online porn. Not only this, he worked with his diligent friends and the list was 780,000 websites strong.

This 15 year old Pakistani hero’s name is Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah. Now that sounds like a Muslim name to me.

In the West we have an epidemic of porn addiction and exposure, we need more people to adopt such a strong anti-porn stance such as this Pakistani hero. People of any religious persuasion will applaud this teen. I say, the religious people across the globe should salute this Pakistani youngster. When are we going to see such heroes in the West? In my country, the UK, we are crying out for heroes such as this Pakistani hero…

See the comment section for further details on Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah fight for purity

May Allah bless this Pakistani further, may Allah bless all the people of Pakistan and make the abundant good in Pakistani Muslims shine so brightly that Pakistanis are seen in a positive light across the globe!

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:
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‘..donations are tax-deductible (and don’t forget that it’s my birthday!)’

Birthday or no birthday, stop making cash hate-mongering and presenting other people’s material from the net. Having no credentials on the subject, not knowing the language of the subject and lacking integrity and intellectual honesty while sitting at home earning a living by Googling (amongst other things) and churning the results out onto blogs and vlogs is something that Christians pay for?
The internet is a place where charlatans make cash!
The internet is a place where Christians get milked for cash!
The internet is a home for self-delusion!
The internet is a home for this man:

When will Christian evangelicals stop financially supporting people like birthday boy?
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Christian Complaint: Shabir Ally Dialogue with John Dominic Crossan


Debate Comment: The Historicity of the life of Jesus in the Gospels

Here’s an analysis, by Ijaz Ahmad, of the complaints some Christian evangelicals are directing at the discussion between Dr Shabir Ally and Dr John Dominic Crossan:

Christian Evangelicals in an attempt to discredit the dialogue between two scholars, namely Dr. Ally and Dr. Crossan have been enforcing some very odd, if not extreme arguments against the speakers. In their vain attempts, they have used the example of Ahmadi/ Qadiani opportunist turned Evangelical Ultra Conservative Christian speaker, Nabeel Qureishi. Their argument is presented as such:

  • Dr. Crossan has heretical beliefs according to Evangelicals.
  • Nabeel is to Islam, what Dr. Crossan is to Christianity.

However, this is an appeal to the fallacy of false equivocation. The decision to have Dr. Crossan share a stage with Dr. Ally was not due to Dr. Crossan’s beliefs, but due to his scholastic credentials – which far outweighs that of his detractors. The comparison with Nabeel is a bit simple minded, if not juvenile. Nabeel was not qualified in any Islamic science, not one. He was not a Mufti, Mawlana, Qadhi, Mufasir, Muhadith, he was qualified in not a single Islamic field of study. His authority to speak on Islam as given to him by the Evangelical community is merely due to a title of, “ex-Muslim” and not due to his lack of Islamic scholastic credentials. Whereas with Dr. Crossan, his list of well attested and erudite scholastic credentials is significant. This is possibly the first time that Dr. Ally will be on stage with a Christian scholar with such a grand background of scholarly qualification, study and research. Therefore, while the Evangelicals are running around screaming bloody murder, basing their Ministerial authority on titles and lack of study, we – the Muslim community have our arms wide open in accepting dialogue with those whose credentials stand first and beliefs after.

I was a bit appalled though, to find one Christian colleague of mine, defending the above logic, by claiming that Nabeel – despite his heretical beliefs was still more qualified to speak on Islam than Dr. Crossan is on Christianity because Nabeel affirmed the 6 articles of faith and the 5 pillars of Islam.
This only goes to demonstrate the weak understanding of Islam that both the Ahmadis/ Qadianis have along with the Evangelical community. Before we even get to the articles of faith and the pillars of Islam, the first criteria of belief is Tawheed and then the Khatm Nubuwwat of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Since Ahmadis deny the latter, they therefore do not qualify to be labelled as Muslims according to orthodox beliefs. Even if we examine the articles of faith – included in it is the belief in the Prophets and the belief that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last Prophet – something Ahmadis/ Qadianis vehemently deny. What is a bit ironic is that the young apologist who claimed such a defense originated from Nabeel’s previous correspondences with him, concerning his “orthodoxy” in Islam, demonstrated through such an argument that Nabeel was firmly ignorant on what the 6 articles of faith are, or what they entailed.

In another twist of events, it seems as if the Christian colleague of mines decided to label Dr. Crossan as a de-facto atheist. So not only has the Evangelical community decided to give authority to Nabeel because of a label he once wore with no scholarly credentials behind him (in regards to Islam), they’ve taken away authority from one educated scholar not due to his credentials but due to a title they’ve typecasted him into. To me, that is not only a double standard and self defeating – it is quite unfortunate to see that this is the level with which the Evangelical Christian movement must stoop to, in order to prevent healthy and scholastic inter-faith dialogue. As our teachers have taught us, damnant non quod intelligunt – they condemn what they do not understand.

and God knows best.

From: http://callingchristians.com/2014/04/05/evangelical-hegemony-on-religious-dialogue/

Christians having dreams and converting to Islam:
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