Jihad Exposed? – ABN – Scary!

Extreme Christian Jihad Exposed on ABN Sat

Fundamentalist Christian Islamophobes’ Blood Thirsty Scheming

The anti-muslim sentiment runs wild within American fundamentalist circles; wilder still, when you add an unhinged Arab Christian hate mob to the mix.

Let’s kill a few more Muslims

A Christian bigot calls in and sets pulses racing with “I know this sounds blood thirsty and cold”. He then proceeds to unveil his scheme of using Iraq and Iraqi Sunnis to fight against Iran. This, my friends, is what a heavy dose of Islamophobia does to people. The man has no regard for Muslim life or CHRISTIAN life – there are Christians living in Iraq.

Recently Muslims condemned the criminal actions of a minority in Iraq who were persecuting Christians. The Christian Islamophobes in America (and the Arabs on ABN) were having a field day in using their tears for these poor Iraqi Christians to fuel their anti-Muslim propaganda campaign.

I guess those tears must have been crocodile – that’s to say they were disingenuous. This American fundamentalist Christian and the two Arab Christians on the show clearly have no regard for the sanctity of life. These folk sound like they are straight out from a death cult.

Pastor Joseph Najm, become a lion!

This bloke is actually agreeing with the bigot caller despite being IRAQI himself and having family in IRAQ, I guess the American fundamentalists have colonised his mind and his goal is to please his new masters. Quite what the Iraqi director of ABN Sat, Bassim Gorial, thinks of  the blod thirsty plot of bombing his relatives to smithereens is beyond me.

My advice to Pastor Joseph, change your name back to an Arab name and start having some self-respect. Americans are not superior to Iraqis/Arabs (nor vice versa). Try standing up against the blood thirsty schemes against YOUR people. What’s the matter? Worried your bank balance will be affected or the American fundies will ship you off to Guantanamo bay or some other torture outlet?

Develop some moral and testicular fortitude my friend. One day in the life of a lion is better than a thousand as a sheep. Sadly, Arab Christians are all too ready to be used and discarded by American fundamentalists.

To quote Bill Maher – that’s why they call them the flock.

Think for yourselves, people!!!

It gets worse for the Arabs on ABN

The caller [RadicalModerate/FatMan] actually MOCKS Arab accents in his spare time. I guess the joke is on the Arabs at ABN. I would advise them to have some self respect and stop pandering to (and imitating) red neck-type American fundamentalists.

?A bonus lady bigot on Islamophobic pills?

Lady, stop. Please stop humiliating yourself.

In the video we have another bigot caller added to the mix. This lady rang up to bash Muslim “babysitters” in Canada – she suspects they are spies and are secretly teaching Canadian kids the Quran. Paranoid, just a little?

I think she was speaking about au pairs rather than babysitters. Nevertheless, her paranoid bigotry was self evident and enough to discard her as foolish. Lady, please reform yourself.

A question on the Holy Spirit and Islamophobic hearts

You know, I don’t get it. Christian fundamentalists always claim to be guided by the holy spirit yet this type of lust for blood and disrespect for human life permeates their very being.

The solution is Islam

These Christians need a relationship with God. Jesus had a relationship with God. EVEN the unreliable Gospels make mention of him worshipping God. My advice to Christians is to be spiritual by worshipping God , just like Moses, Jesus and Muhammad did – peace be upon them. Islam is the way, the truth and the life:

Special section for Assyrian and Arab Christians to convert to Islam

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