ABN Sat talks persecution of Arab Christians

Sad news

Dr Bassim Gorial begins with a sad story of Iraqi Christians being displaced from their homes due to persecution. Muslims have condemned this persecution. Iraqi Muslims do not support these horrendous acts and Muslims in general do not support such vile actions, see here:

Islamophobia and Fundamentalist Christian Blood Wading

The baton is passed over to David Wood and it does not take long for him to run into his spiel of claiming Islam is responsible. This is a load of nonsense which our David Wood has been peddling for a good while now. Sadly our David just traduces the memory of those killed by using their blood as fuel to work his agenda of demonization assiduously. Mr Wood is Wading in the blood of Christians to further your “career”…

Stop with the utter nonsense

Muslims and Non-Muslims should know the killing of Iraqi Christians is NOT Islamic. However, these fundamentalist Christians try to convince us it is (what’s knew?). For those who are interested in the truth the Prophet said:

“Verily whoever oppressed a Zemmey (a non-muslim under Muslim rule), took from his rights, or took from him unjustly, then I am his opponent on judgment day…” [ibn Hajar al Aslam, Muwafaqat al Khabar, Number 184/2]

In the same narration “verily whoever killed a Zemmey of Allah and His messenger then Paradise will be forbidden for him…”

I think that is sufficient to pour cold water on the show’s attempts at framing Islam for the atrocities in Iraq. Perhaps the show would like to show a little more respect to the dead rather than insensitively utilising them as pawns to bash Muslims and Islam with. Just a suggestion…

David Wood plus sex and more sex…

Yes, he was banging on about sex again. The sex hoaxer extraordinaire started talking about “sex with a nine year old” and made claims of “raping slave girls”. His usual nonsensical, oft-refuted rhetoric! This guy is like a broken record. However, let’s indulge his appetite for sex talk by reminding him of his demented sex hoax which he has STILL not recanted:

NOTE: This blog has repeatedly addressed his attacks against Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha (use the search facility) but we shall address the slave girl issue by the end of the week, God willing. Just waiting on a book.

More sex, Dave?

And if he wants to talk further sex he can always open up the Bible and reference the sexual immoralities which are levelled (wrongly in my view) at David and Lot. Or if he wants to indulge himself further then he could always open up Ezekiel 23 and read about the adulterous sisters. What’s the matter? Worried the donations will dry up?

William Montgommery Watt [paraphrased] did teach whomever attacks Islam with sexually charged critique says more about himself than Islam. David, care to explain…

Mary Jo Sharp

Mary Jo Sharp mentions an Assyrian Christian leader who taught the horrendous violence in Iraq has nothing to do with religion. Yes, the Christian leader is talking sense. Islam is NOT responsible for the killing of Christians in Iraq:

Mary Jo was asking for the source of the violence. The answer is quite simple; politics and misguidance. It has nothing to do with religion. What was the source of Hitler’s brutality? Misguidance. Was the source of George Bush’s violence the Bible? Of course not. Christians, why the double standards?

In true Dr Naik style: I hope that answered the question..

Pastor Vance is bereft of Quranic knowledge

Pastor Vance does a bout of fear mongering, whilst asking for cash, by explicitly claiming the reason behind the violence is “ORTHODOX ISLAM”. Crikey, such ignorance!

He also cites S3:151 despite claiming it to be 3:15. An understandable mistake but then he goes onto to read the translation and intimates an ignorant exegesis of the Verse. Why is the bloke referring to such a Verse, was he at Uhud? It was about the POLYTHEISTS after the battle of Uhud. See Tafsir Jalalayn:

“after departing from Uhud they resolved to return in order to exterminate the Muslims, but they were terrified and did not return”

For those who are interested, here is the Pikthal translation of the Verse:

We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners, for which no warrant hath been revealed. Their habitation is the Fire, and hapless the abode of the wrong-doers.

Ibn Abbas’ Tafsir also indicates the Verse is referring to the “unbelievers of Mecca”.

Pastor Vance, please do some research before making pronouncements. If you continue down this line you will fast become as ill-reputed as the likes of Mr Wood.

David Wood sensationally selling himself

This man claims the channel will tell the “truth” about Islam and subsequently nobody will convert to Islam. Well, I’m still a Muslim and I have heard all of the contents of Wood’s bag of tricks, gags and heckles [kudos TGV].

Most of his charade is inconsistent (i.e. it condemns the Bible) and the rest is incorrect. He talks about “horrible” things Muhammad (p) did but forgets as a Christian violent acts do NOT negate Prophethood; Moses’ orders in Numbers 31 (17-20) testifies to this fact as well as David’s conquering of Jerusalem and defeat of the Philistines (see 2 Samuel 5). Even the much loved Abraham was involved in conflict (Genesis 14). Is Wood going to traduce them? Hypocrisy?

He claims he wants to give people answers. Crikey an arch-deceiver is presenting himself as some sort of guru. The man is an ignoramus and has a track record of blunder and deceit. When are these “Christian” missionaries going to develop some shame? Dave, EVERYBODY knows you make stuff up!

Theologically, disbelievers are BAD folk according to CHRISTIANS and Muslims (respectively)

The inconsistency is in full force here. These Christian fundamentalists believe Muslims are going to go to Hell. St Augustine believed unbaptized babies would go to Hell yet these Christians were making a big deal about a Quranic Verse (S98:6). The shear hypocrisy is staggering.

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ مِنْ أَهْلِ ٱلْكِتَابِ وَٱلْمُشْرِكِينَ فِي نَارِ جَهَنَّمَ خَالِدِينَ فِيهَآ أَوْلَـٰئِكَ هُمْ شَرُّ ٱلْبَرِيَّةِ }

Truly the disbelievers from among the People of the Scripture and the idolaters shall be in the fire of Hell, to abide therein (khālidīna: an implied circumstantial qualifier, in other words, it will be decreed for them by God, exalted be He, to abide therein) — those are the worst of creatures [from Tafsir Jalalayn].

The Verse (S98:6) refers to the disbelievers who are going to be in the fire (those who die upon disbelief). Obviously those who are to abide in the fire for eternity are going to be the worst of creation. For a religious person this Verse should be of NO concern as Christians believe the SAME about non-Christians.

They can spout “Jesus loves you” until they are blue in the face but at the end of the day we KNOW what Christian fundamentalists believe to be the final outcome of those who reject their trinity. Why the hypocrisy? Why did the Christians on this show throw their “Christianity” under the bus?

Terrorists and Islamophobic rhetoric over Surah 9:29

One of the best people to speak to regarding the terrorists and their misuse of the Quran in “justifying” their disgraceful actions is Sheik Abdal Hakim Murad. He considers the terrorists as individuals who are unlearned in Islamic sciences. In fact we also KNOW sheikh Bin-Baz, roughly 30 years ago, presented a fatwa (religious edict) AGAINST terrorism (ref Sheikh Walid Basyouni). Enough said.

I guess ABN shuns real scholarship in favour of people with track records of deception and blunder. If you want an expert to educate you on Surah 9 and Islam’s opposition to terrorism see here:

Talking more about Surah 9:29

Let’s inject some more sense into proceedings. We have a short discussion on this Verse by Imam Shabir Ally. See here:

Mary Jo Sharp on taking unbelievers as friends (5:51)

Muslims are taught to treat Non-Muslims with good etiquette. The Prophet even visited an ill NON-MUSLIM lady who used to throw rubbish on him as he walked passed her house. This is our example, thus we are to treat non-Muslims in a kind manner. This issue of not taking Non-Muslims as friends has been explained here by Mufti Muzammil Siddiqi:


Myopic Arab Christian Zionist

Yep, an Arab Christian called in under a name which sounded like “Israel”. Hmm, I wonder if the fellow will be as accommodating if the real Israel began dropping bombs on his relatives in the Arab country which he hails from. Or does this bloke think the Israeli bombs will be “smart bombs” in only decimating Muslim bodies? I guess hatred leads to stupidity!

Jesus would not support Israel but our Arab Christian zionist believes he knows better. The folly of the “Christian” Islamophobe!

Manu: “Don’t stigmatize Muslims”

This caller interjects with some sense and warns against stigmatizing Muslims as it results in conflict. Wood butts in and begins to trample upon the sensitivities in Egypt and Pakistan in order to promote his agenda. I guess he would be jobless if paranoia and hate-mongering was done away with. He also claims Muslims are taught to “kill” and “subjugate” non-Muslims. Talk about spin!

Dr Bassim, wrongly, calls the perpetrators of the crimes against the Iraqi Christians “true Muslims”. Dr Bassim, be fair! These criminals have ALREADY been denounced by MUSLIMS, see here:

Manu adds an air of sensibility and balance to the show. Well done Manu!

Cursing 5 times a day?

A caller claimed Muslims curse Jews and Christians FIVE times a day through Surah al Fatiha. What nonsense! We pray 5 times a day and recite Surah al Fatiha (first chapter in Quran). This Surah has NO curse within it – check for yourself.

Satanic rhetoric

A caller claims Muhammad (p) was “Satan”. Balderdash! The Prophet taught AGAINST Satan. The Quran (2:168) teaches Satan to be an OPEN ENEMY of mankind:

O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Verily, he is to you an open enemy. [Muhsin Khan Translation, 2:168]

Another caller believes Satan has put a “veil” over Muslims – the usual Christian fundamentalist spiel!

Allow me to throw a conundrum at these two callers; if Islam is so “satanic” why has it saved millions from the harms of alcohol whilst Christianity has NOT? Care to explain…

Ron the uninformed

He begins his call with “you will know them by their fruits”. Indeed. He then goes on to accuse Muhammad (p) of raping, adultery and theft! Wow Ron, just wow! Ever heard of doing a spot of research, Ron?

Muhammad never committed adultery, he never raped anybody either. He never stole anything either – war booty is not theft.

Talking about adultery perhaps our “Christian” friend would like to open his Bible and read its claims upon David. Perhaps the story of Lot’s alleged “incest” was what this fellow was referencing (note bene; I don’t believe these stories for one second but they are in the Bible). As for his theft spiel; what about the men of Moses killing and taking the young virgins for themselves (according to the Bible)?

Inconsistency is a sign of a failed argument. Ron, what was that about “knowing them by their fruits”?

Ilyas foaming at the mouth

This caller begins to work himself up into a crazed frenzy of nonsense and incoherency. Bassim Gorial soon gets rid of him.

A regular bigot: “FatMan”

Yes, this chap named himself “Fatman” for the call. Wow, just wow! This man (Fatman) has a history of abuse, ignorance and Islamophobia. I always wondered what this chap does when not abusing Islam and Muslims on internet comment boards. I guess I just found out. ABNSat is attracting clientele complete with Halloween outfits!

Oh, this was the comedy highlight of the show as our “Fatman” was misnamed “Fatima” by Bassim Gorial. I told “Fatman” his was a silly moniker. Vindication…


This show brought nothing new to the table; the same bag of tricks, gags and heckles [kudos TGV]. It was focussed on hate and fear-mongering against Muslims and misapplying Quranic Verses to fit their agendas of demonization. They seem bent on trying to portray the terrorists as true Muslims. Such folly!

The new man (Pastor Vance) seems to be lacking in sound knowledge too. I guess he will fit right in.

It was also interesting to see Dr Bassim Gorial referring to David Wood as though he was an authority. Crikey, talk about the blind (and deceitful) leading the blind!The overall themes were Muslims are anti-Christian, devilish, devious and (potential) terrorists.

To quote their regular (Mr Usama Dakdok): “if you are a Muslim you are a demon”.

Let’s cut through the hate

Would you like to learn about Islam for yourself rather than relying on a bunch of zealous “Christian” fundamentalists to teach you Islam is “terrorism” and “from the devil”? Would you like a key to spirituality? If yes then please see here:

FEEDBACK: yahyasnow@hotmail.com


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