David Wood Shames ABN Sat with Pornographic Lies

Pornographic Lies on ABN by David Wood

ABN employ David Wood and the “Sex Secret” to Demonize Muslims

People have been suggesting/thinking David Wood is a hate-monger and the ABN (Aramaic Broadcasting Network) is infiltrated by nefarious individuals.

Recently we showcased the two infamous and frenzied verbal onslaughts by an ABN employee, Sam Shamoun.

Today we present the debauched David Wood purveying Googled hate-material to his “Christian” audience on the ABN show called “Jesus or Muhammad”. Guess what? The hate-material he presents to his baying audience in order to demonize Muslims is none other than the well-known “thighing” HOAX.

There is video evidence of David Wood misguiding his “Christian” audience by using a well-known anti-Muslim LIE. Our friend, David, even presents it as a FACT and PROOF for his debauched claims!

Make No Mistake

Make no mistake; David Wood was presenting this material to demonize Islam and Muslims. Quite how he can claim he was doing it for any other purpose is beyond me as a simple Google search would have led him to material DENOUCING his “fatwas” as hoax, fabrication and stuff of ill-repute and outright dishonesty.

Our pal, David Wood, has no regard for honesty, scholarship or responsibility and presents the material as fact and subsequently misleads thousands of Christians and non-Christians alike. Sad, but true.

Here is the awful truth of David Wood on an ABN show demonizing Muslims. Please note; David Wood presents a very disturbing sexual hoax – those who are offended easily please do not play the video. It is very insulting to Islam too.

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKLxGoA%5D

(PS: I know of the spelling mistakes, it should be “addressed” and “Christian”)
See here if the video does not play:

If you are struggling to read the text in time, please pause the video and read the text before moving on. Did David Wood really expect us to believe he was keeping this a secret because he “does not like talking about it”?

Please note, we have already denounced this “sexual hoax”, previously, here:

David Wood’s “Sex Secret” Shame

Aside form David Wood’s sick sexual hoax we also note another key feature of the video; that is David Wood’s hesitation and floundering upon being pressed for evidence and source material for his hoax. He knew he had NOTHING to give as tangible and credible evidence so he responds with a lame misdirection which goes as “I don’t like talking about the thighing issue because it is gross”. How enigmatic is David Wood ?

What type of search words did David Wood employ to find such a “gross” hoax on the net?

“Gross” or not – it CAME from YOU, David Wood

Well David, yes it is gross but YOU brought it up and described it in DETAIL in front of your Christian audience; many of whom would have been elderly and young alike. Do you expect us to believe you don’t want to talk about it? Are you for real?

Furthermore, David Wood and his chums regularly churn out crazed sex-related fabrication and level it at Islam. Therefore, one would expect Wood to have NO hesitation in talking about the “thighing issue”. It is gross – it was MADE up by your “co-religionists” (more apt; co-haters), perhaps that’s why you are so reluctant in talking about it.

David Wood’s “best material” is NOT presented on ABN, why?

For David to expect us to believe he sits on ALL this copious “evidence” (fabrications) without showcasing it because it is “gross” is implausible to say the least. In fact it was a ridiculous and obvious cop-out. David KNEW he was busted on Christian TV by his COLLEAGUE (Pastor Joseph Najm) hence his squirming.

David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics; clearly intent on hatred and vilification

David, we are ALL dying to see your fabricated “fatwas”. I have already blogged about these fabrications here and Iqraproductions have a revealing video on the said matter. There is NO excuse for you not to know it is a hoax especially considering your counterpart, Osama Abdallah, has publicly denounced the whole affair (that’s to say your caboodle of “fatwas”) as fraudulent.

So if David Wood pleads ignorance we shall find it vey difficult to swallow as this material would have been the mainstay of the argumentation espoused by Wood and his colleagues along time ago (if it was genuinely believed to be accurate).

Yahya Snow Addressed on ABN Sat by David Wood

Many of you will be unaware of this fact; the snip I have presented was extracted from David Wood’s address to me (Yahya Snow) in a debate on whether Islam allows sex with prepubescent girls. You can view ALL the debate material (including what he presented) here:

However, the more observant will realise this snip of “thighing” was not presented in the debate. Why? Because David Wood did NOT feature it on his YouTube channel – he OMITTED this clip (of him presenting hoax as fact). He KNEW I (and other YouTube users) would have had an absolute field day over this subject as he KNEW it was a hoax.

If he genuinely felt it was credible evidence he would have presented it on his channel in an attempt to “win” the debate. He didn’t; that speaks volumes in telling us David Wood KNEW what he was doing!

David Wood DECEIVES Christian audiences

Wood was presenting a hit-piece to a less challenging audience (the Christians on ABN) whilst omitting it from the YouTube video as there are a number of people (Muslims, Atheists and Christians) who would have demanded EVIDENCE. The YT audience is one of the most demanding audiences on the internet – if not the most demanding audience. Simply put; Wood KNEW he would have been found out on YT!

In fact; in my concluding comments (see the debate material) you will realise I warned David Wood from replying to me with the internet hoax. I was totally unaware of this footage of David actually USING the hoax. In fact a YouTube friend of mine emailed me the footage and timeline of the FULL SHOW (from ABNsat’s website).

If he did not inform me of this matter I and the rest of us would have been clueless to David Wood’s deceptive and hate-filled episode!
Kudos to this YouTube user who has helped us to expose the misleading manner of David Wood further. I wonder what ABN’s Bassim Gorial will think of this unpleasant episode.

It is Hate

Let’s not kid ourselves here. It is all about hatred of Muslims and attempting to smear malign and traduce the reputation of Muslims. Quite simply put – they are trying to demonise Islam and Muslims. You may recall I have featured a video of one of David Wood’s colleagues (Usama Dakdok) calling ALL Muslims “demons” and a FRIEND of David Wood’s (Sam Shamoun) calling us a “cancer”.

This, my friends, is all about hatred!

Did David Wood spend time in a mental institute (and prison) for trying to kill a man?

Yes. I bring this up as people (essentially David Wood and his pals) are continually misunderstanding this issue – the “Christian” fanatics on the internet, including Wood, think this issue was brought up by Paul Williams for no other reason than to traduce David Wood. That is not the case.

Many of you may not know this; I was aware of David Wood’s violent and criminal past prior to it being a genuine issue on the internet. However, the reason why people are bringing it up now is because David Wood has become a certified hate-monger, thus people are trying to ascertain why an individual who claims to be “Christian” is resorting to hatred.

The Reason behind David Wood’s Hatred and Dehumanization of Muslims (Islamophobia)

The answer people are giving is that it is linked to David Wood’s violent past; that is to say David Wood has never been able to shake off his demons and has just transferred the manifestations of his deep-routed hatred from physical violence to cyber hatred of Muslims and a prolonged campaign of smear and demonizing.

His association with the shamed missionary, Sam Shamoun, was brought up on this blog many moons ago, in fact, I suggested Wood’s behaviour began to become more troublesome after his association with Sam Shamoun became stronger.

Please do not be fooled; the reason why Paul brought up this episode in Wood’s life is simply because of his aberrant behaviour on the internet etc. David Wood is NO victim; the Muslims on the end of his hate-filled sieges are indeed victims.

It is abnormal for a grown man to be spending so much time and energy on hatred, yet alone a grown man who acts under the guise of the “Church””. It just goes to show people do abuse religion for their own ends, therefore we should judge a faith based on its teachings rather than its alleged adherents.

Responsibility and Rationality

David Wood should quit his lame attempt to present himself as a victim; nobody will buy it except a few fundamentalist “Christian” haters on the internet. In fact, he would do well to realise his demonizing of Muslims could well increase the level of Islamophobia (hatred for Islam and Muslims) on the internet and in real life.

Certainly, presenting sick hoaxes such as the “thighing” canard only serves to demonize and dehumanize Muslims. Is that what you want to do, David Wood?

David, your mission at Acts 17 Apologetics has come in for controversy based on deceptive and hate-mongering actions by yourself and your affiliates. Are you bent on doing the same to the ABN?

The lunatic asylum is NO place to garner support

David, you have already been denounced on the ominously titled “loon watch” website. Please realise your actions do nothing but repel the rational and responsible folk. If you want to attract and appeal to a bunch of loons on the net then continue to do what you are currently doing.

Your support base includes a bloke who names his dog “Muhammad” in order to insult Muslims in an immature and disgusting fashion. This is the same bloke who undertakes a 100 mile round trip in order to collect court documents on an internet Muslim who you happen to have a beef with.

Your friend and colleague (Shamoun) has a prolonged campaign of hatred which spans years. You are so much in league with your friend that you bought this hate-monger a 2000 dollar computer (paid through DONATIONS from CHRISTIANS). A computer which he puts in to use for his hate-filled activities, here he is putting that computer to full use:


Here he is again putting the computer, paid for by DONATIONS, to full use:


Perhaps you would like to reimburse the CHRISTIANS who donated cash for your pal’s computer whilst under the impression it would be used to further the church rather than debase the church. Did you forewarn them that the computer would be used for hate purposes? I did not think so.

I shall not go through a catalogue of misdemeanours, we all get the point.

David Wood featured on Loon Watch:
Part 1: http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/06/exposing-david-wood-of-mosques-and-men-pt-1/
Part 2: http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/07/exposing-david-wood-of-mosques-and-men-pt-2/

Scholarship: David, Racist Thugs and Criminals Use the “Thighing” Hoax

David, you maybe unaware, I am sitting on footage of an EDL thug (who has a criminal conviction for his hatred) using the SAME hoax as you in order to gee-up his “troops” in their attempt to wreak havoc in a northern city in my country (the UK).

God-willing I will disclose such footage in a future blog post. For those who are unaware, the EDL are an Islamophobic outfit infiltrated by many NAZIS. ABN may as well employ one of the EDL thugs in the stead of Shamoun/Wood etc as the level of scholarship will certainly not diminish.

Muslims and Christians SHOULD work together

The much respected imam (Shabir Ally) has an emphasis on greater understanding and cooperation between Muslims and Christians. I think this imam is an excellent representative of the Muslims and there are representatives who real Christians will be proud of (with regards to their community). The Christians mentioned in this post are certainly nothing to be proud of.

Saddening, Apology and Repentance

On a personal note, I live in the UK and grew up near a vicarage; I went to a Christian school and thus have a working-respect for genuine Christians. In the UK, the Christians are generally sincere and the yahoo-merchants who operate under the guise of “Christianity” on the net are a far cry from sincere Christians.

The mode of behaviour Wood and other fanatics on the net exhibit is unedifying and saddening.

I ask David Wood and the fellows at ABN Sat (including Bassm Gorial) to have a rethink. I call David to public repentance and to an apology

Learn Islam from the Muslims NOT from haters on the internet

Jibreel has a good site here (with an “ask the scholar” function):

Here is a good resource for those who want to research Islamic beliefs:

May Allah guide us all. Ameen

FEEDBACK: yahyasnow@hotmail.com


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