Muslim Reacts to ABN’s “Jesus or Muhammad” show

Nonsensical Title

Muslims believe in BOTH Jesus and Muhammad so the title of the show puts the Muslim off straight away.

The “Anal Sex Claimer” RETURNS!!

Wow, just plain wow. I have seen the most recent flier for the “Jesus or Muhammad” marathon and guess who is listed – none other than the “anal sex claimer” himself – I.Q Al Rasooli!!!

IQ al Rasooli is infamous for his anal sex claim on You Tube. Well, it gets worse because this “Christian” missionary even has the audacity to claim he has studied Islam for “THIRTY YEARS” whilst introducing himself on ABNSat to Samar Gorial and the viewers. I guess “THIRTY YEARS” of study meant he never opened up page 327 in Bulugh al Maram. Wow, just plain wow!

Sounds more like a freak show, it really does!

The “anal sex claimer” (IQ al Rasooli), sick sex-hoax-purveyor extraordinaire (David Wood), the bestiality bloke (Sam “Islam allows sex with animals” Shamoun) and Usama “all Muslims are demons” Dakdok. Crikey! Are you sure it is not Halloween?

Come on ABN! How about you move away from attention seekers/charlatans off the net and bring us somebody with academic clout. Can you not bring in Dr Habermas or Norman Geisler? Even the shamed Ergun Caner would be more authoritative than the current brigade.

You are a TV STATION not a YouTube outfit!!!

No job too dirty

The problem with ABN is that they want to link EVERY event in Muslim current affairs with Islam. No scholar will oblige so the rent-a-mob they currently employ are utilized as no job is too dirty for the likes of IQ, Wood and Shamoun.


We KNOW there are some terrorists within Muslim countries who DO murder Christian minorities BUT it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out sending David Wood’s sex hoax into Egypt via Satellite TV is hardly helpful in combating these misguided Muslims. You don’t need IQ Al Rasooli’s “THIRTY YEARS” of study to figure that out!

Our scholars HAVE been warning against this puritanical element (terrorists); the LAST thing we need is a bunch of crazy “Christians” from the net sending absurdly offensive lies their way. Don’t allow your hatred for Muslims cloud your common sense.

Anjem Choudary as a “Sheikh”?

Crikey, yes I’m not pulling your leg; they consider Anjem Choudary as a representative of Islam; he is even called “sheikh” whilst on ABN. Wow, just plain wow!

The man would be trounced by scholars the world over.

Of course, our buddies on the Jesus or Muhammad show don’t refer to figures such as the Shaikh Zayed Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University (Abdul Hakim Murad).…they go to the three amigos (Wood, Shamoun and AlRasooli). True scholarship!

Expect more shrieks of “sex with a nine year old” and “he had more than one wife

Do me a favour. I am due to unveil a review of the scholarly effort of critique by Dr JM Buaben and these internet polemics would not have been considered as academic by any of those whom he critiqued. An acid test on how much a missionary knows about Islam; if he argues using internet claims then you know he knows next to nothing. Now, that speaks volumes against the ABN crew.

In fact, we have already denounced ABN’s sex hoaxer extraordinaire on similar internet claims here

Home Alone and Islamophobic oddballs
I recall a scene from Home Alone Two; the foster father of McCauley McCulkin’s character asks the hotel manager what type of fools do you employ? He says, “The finest in New York”! Well, it goes something like that.

What type of anti-Muslim oddballs have ABN Sat got in their employ? The finest off the internet! We KNOW one of their “finest” has spent time in a mental institute for attempted murder. I always hear the bells of irony when this chap bangs on about Muslim violence. Wow, just plain wow!

A redundant Anti-Muslim mafia?

Crikey, come on ABN!!! Seriously, you can be much more academic by bringing in true scholarship and not the internet anti-Muslim mafia. Is it so daunting to even attempt to bring in a genuine intellect on the subject? Or is it a case of a true scholar being unwilling to hum to your anti-Muslim tune? Really?

But we have Dr James R White…

I grant you, James White does know something about his OWN religion that is why you do NOT see Dr White going all cowboy with claims of paedophilia, polygamy, war etc (basically all the contents of David Wood’s bag of tricks, heckles and gags (Kudos to TGV for that quip)).

However, Dr James White knows little about Islam (he knows less than IQ al Rasooli and that’s being honest). We have rebuked White’s errors previously and have further rebukes in the pipeline.

Editing the Bible (Von Tischendorf or “Christian”)

You may be thinking he’s going to bang on about Von Tischendorf’s 1859 find? No. I’m going to bang on about somebody less cerebral; Christian Prince. When this show first came to air ABN had a regular caller (“Christian”); this bloke, when he is not spreading lies about Islam (or partaking in lecherous talk or calling for the NUKING of Pakistan) he is changing the BIBLE for cash, converts and non-Arab speaking approbation. Don’t believe me? See here.

Talking about changing the Bible our Sam Shamoun does bizarre eisegesis but Walid Shoebat takes the biscuit. There is no fabricating like that of the ex terrorist!!!

Walid Shoebat – the coup

I admit having Walid Shoebat on the show is quite the coup. A real big name. I guess he is the Fernando Torres (or for the Americans; Shaquille O Neil) of ABN. That’s where the comparison stops. Dr Dan Wallace and ABN’s James White have already denounced Walid Shoebat’s misuse of the Bible. Do we have dissension in the ABN camp? I don’t know and don’t care but I will like you to view the Walid Shoebat “Mark of the Beast” hoax which we have in video form (with easy to follow commentary, from yours truly). Wow, just plain wow, see here.

Christian TV shows: a dime a dozen

Just in case you are wondering as to what came of our pal, Christian Prince (“Christian”); no, he’s not at the funny farm but I can to tell you the sobering news of him running his OWN Christian missionary TV show now. I guess they are handing out Christian TV shows like raffle tickets. First Sam Shamoun, then IQ al Rasooli and now ChristianPrince. Wow, just plain wow!

Kamal Saleem: “For those who are taking notes”

Another coup for ABN. A big name. But come on! This man has TWO versions of his conversion story knocking about. Furthermore, people doubt his ex terrorist charade. However, more importantly in terms of apologetics; he FABRICATES ahadith. What, you don’t believe me? See here. And who can forget his conversion figure propaganda. Propaganda for which he has NEVER answered for. Wow, just plain wow!

Taking the ignorant for a ride

OK, I admit, the sensationalism, hoaxes and internet slur laden arguments may sway the ignorant BUT when these people scratch the surface they will know they have been taken for a ride.

In the UK, we have a saying; fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


OK, Yahya it’s a review and you have just presented negativity, do you have anything positive to say? Right, in my limited exchange with one of their presenters I have realised they are not all the unreasonable “Christian” fundamentalists one initially suspects them to be. Dr Bassam Gorial and his wife seem to be sincere and even Usama Dakdok dropped me a polite response email. Oh that reminds me, excuse me for the segway..

Osama Kamal Dakdok, a list of names please…

I am still waiting for you to let me know who are all these anonymous (ex Muslim) professors and doctors who helped on the translation. Apparently Usama Dakdok had EX-MUSLIM experts who TAUGHT at AL-AZHER helping him translate the Quran. I have NEVER come across exMuslim teachers from Al-Azher. Sounds fishy. A list of names would help us put this one to bed, Usama…

The flier

The flier says November the 26th. Yep that’s when it all kicks off. I hope everybody is wearing their best suit. Kamal Saleem has no issue in the business attire department (nice suits, tailor made? I assume they are as the fit is impeccable) but our Sam Shamoun could do with some sprucing up.

Sam Shamoun Upstaged?

Such is the variety in Islamophobic oddballs on offer our Sam is simply a sideshow. It’s not often Sam Shamoun is overshadowed but the return of the shamed “anal sex claimer” (IQ al Rasooli) is generating real waves. I have just seen some of the initial reaction from YouTube. Wow, just plain wow! Yes, our IQ has all the star quality to make it to the top of the pile. Sam Shamoun putting his free computer (paid for by Christians donors!) to effect

ABN Potential

Infrastructure-wise they have the capacity to be “better” than they are. Instead they choose a hit squad from the net – this is the frustrating thing. Do they have anything of appeal to me? No, I don’t see scholarly intent. The only reason I comb through it is in order to fish out hoaxes and crazy Islamophobic episodes such as the homosexuality episode.

Banging on about Muslims

They spend most of their time banging on about Islam and Muslims (much of it inaccurately and/or sensationally). This just gets repetitive and boring, for me. Did anybody suggest they should bring in SCHOLARS to talk about CHRISTIANITY? Is their faith so unappealing?

Trashing is NOT evangelism

Since when was evangelism replaced by trashing other faiths? Since the internet! More specifically to ABN since the internet fame-hunting brigade of Shamoun, Wood, and IQ al Rasooli brought their circus act to town. Sad, but true.

Invitation to Islam

Would you like a relationship with God? Would you like to worship the God whom all Prophets worshipped? If yes please come to Islam today. God willing, learn about your new faith here:



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