English Defence League Battered + Humiliated in Bradford

Talk about morons travelling to a city and humiliating themselves.

I have embedded two videos in this post. The first shows Sky News humiliating the EDL by showcasing their botched attack on a car as well as their in-fighting.

The second shows the infamous punch thrown at an EDL trouble maker (which is now dubbed as the “super-punch”).

First video:

Sky news humiliate and “pwn” the EDL who were in Bradford causing trouble. Sadly for them their antics backfired and they were arrested and even on the end of a hiding by Bradford youths.

And they have the audacity to wonder why English women avoid EDL members

If you are sympathetic to the EDL then please have a rethink and stop wasting your lives with these losers.

Second Video: EDL member is on the end of a shuddering punch from a Bradford youth

If video does not play then please use the link below:


The EDL demo in Bradford was a disaster. EDL organiser Jeff Marsh chickened out of attending their own demo, less than 800 EDL showed up initially, and “peaceful” EDL jar-heads attacked police with bricks and bottles and even attacked the EDL’s own stewards!

EDL supporter “British Lion” posted on Facebook saying “What a F**king shambles. 700 – 1000 up (sic) throw some rocks and start fighting each other. No surrender? No fucking clue would be more like it” – http://twitpic.com/2j31to

EDL’s Steve Caroll admitted attacking an Asian before the Bradford demo had even started – http://twitpic.com/2iynno

As for the EDL supporters shown in this video – people oppose the EDL because of what it is, not because of what some EDL activists say they’d like it to be, and the facts are simple – the EDL is being used as a Trojan Horse by Nazis and BNP activists…

video description from:


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