Acts 17 Apologetics Deceive Christians (+ Newt Gingrich)

The Police Report Proves Acts 17 Apologetics are Deceptive
Here is the audio/video explaining Acts 17’s deception:

Acts 17 Apologetics had fooled us all into thinking the video footage they presented was evidence of their innocence.

Who would not be fooled? After all the video footage showed David Wood and his merry gang behaving impeccably well; they never breached the peace in the video footage. The video footage showed no breach of peace whatsoever but the police still came across and arrested them

Having just read the police report I can confidently declare Acts 17 Apologetics have been deceiving us, big time!

Before I disclose the details of the police report please consider the video footage Acts 17 Apologetics have presented. They presented footage of the team entering the festival and Nabeel Qureshi preaching within the confines of the Arab festival whilst the other members of Acts17 recorded the footage.

ALL the video footage Acts 17 Apologetics have presented is immaterial and was simply presented to misdirect the audience (deception). Acts 17 Apologetics have NEVER addressed the reason for their arrest and nor have they disclosed the FULL and TRUE reason being their arrest.

Yes, the reason behind their arrest was “breach of peace” BUT cleverly (and deceptively) Acts 17 Apologetics led us to believe the breach of peace arrest was related to Acts17Apologetics and festival goers.

This is not the case. The breach of the peace complaint is related to ONE volunteer named Roger Williams.(judging by his name I’d assume him to be a non-Muslim)

Officer Kapanowski writes (in the police report):

While inside the command trailer during Arabfest, Sgt Mrowka, Ofc Smith and I were notified by Roger Williams (festival volunteer) that he had just been harassed by a film crew and Amal Alslami had witnessed the incident.

Roger Williams decides to make a formal criminal complaint against Acts 17 Apologetics

Ofc Kapanowski elucidates further:

Williams stated a film crew began recording him doing his festival duties. He advised the subjects (later identified as Negeen Mayel, Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, and Paul Rezkalla) that he did not want to be filmed and told them to stop. Williams stated that they did not stop and instead, began to surround him. He added that he felt extremely uncomfortable and thought he could not leave although he attempted to several times. They continued to pester him and badger him with questions and continued filming. Williams again told them to stop filming. Qureshi and Wood, as well as Rezkalla, finally put down the microphone and camcorder to speak with him, but he noticed Mayel still filming within hearing distance. He radioed to security for assistance and the parties soon left. He advised Alslami that he wished to make a formal complaint with the police.

The police at the behest of Sgt Mrowka (due to Roger William’s formal complaint) move in to conduct a criminal investigation and apprehend Rezkalla, Wood and Qureshi (members of Acts 17 Apologetics) after apprehending Mayel (Negeen):

I relayed the information to Sgt Mrowka and he advised us to arrest all parties involved for Breach of Peace. Ofc Micallef, Ofc Ballard, Ofc Smith, and I located Qureshi, Wood, and Rezkalla in the center of another large crowd in the middle of the two tents. When we advised them to turn their camcorders off and they were under arrest for Breach of Peace, they were hesitant but eventually complied.

Cannot Plead Ignorance

Rezkalla, Wood and Qureshi were told of the allegation by Ofc Kapanowski:

En route to the station, Qureshi, Wood and Rezkalla asked me about the allegations. I explained they were under arrest for breach of peace and explained the allegation against them. Without questioning, they stated that they never “surrounded” Williams.

So, there you have it. Acts 17 Apologetics misdirected us into thinking the police came across and arrested them for no reason whilst they (Acts 17) were behaving in a law-abiding manner. The individual who is not privy to ALL the information (i.e. the police report) will fall for David Wood’s deception and go away thinking the (irrelevant) video footage presented by Acts17Apologetics exonerates them and proves the guilt of the Dearborn police officers.

Well, we ALL know (thanks to the police report and no thanks to David Wood and co) the police simply acted in order to conduct a criminal investigation initiated by the official criminal complaint lodged by Roger Williams.


*Why have Acts 17 Apologetics led us (and their fanatical right wing supporters) to believe the police wrongly arrested them? (Deception?)

*Why have Acts 17 Apologetics wrongly besmirched the reputation of the Dearborn police force? (Deception?)

*Why have Acts 17 Apologetics deceived everybody by presenting their irrelevant footage and misconstruing it (deliberately) in order to appear innocent and portray the officers as the guilty party? (Deception?)

*Why did Acts 17 Apologetics never show the footage of their encounter with Roger Williams? (They DO have this footage) (Deception?)

*Why did Acts 17 Apologetics and their supporters try to demonise Muslims by linking the event to Sharia when no Muslim was involved in the breach of peace incident? (It is a battle between Roger Williams and Acts17apologetics, NOBODY ELSE) (Deception?)

*Why have Acts 17 Apologetics not told us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? (Deception?)

Appendix 1

PDF of the Dearborn Arab Fest police report:

Another excerpt from the police report on the arrest of the acts17 group:

Wood even went as far as lifting the camcorder into the air in order to continue filming. Qureshi began screaming “See, I told you…I told you this stuff happens” to the large crowd who began taking pictures of us and surrounding us further. Fearing again that a riot would ensue, I requested Qureshi to remain quiet and ordered the crowd to vacate the area or they would be arrested. The large crowd complied and Qureshi, Wood, and Rezkalla were placed under arrest (Handcuffed & Double-Locked) for Breach of Peace without further incident.

NOTE: Somebody emailed related to Roger Williams being a Muslim/non-muslim. Initially I stated he was a non-Muslim (based on his name). I have clarified it is an assumption based on his name…thus we cannot know for certain. Thanks to the gentleman who contacted me.


Others have now cottoned onto the fact Acts 17 Apologetics have deceived us! Here is a YouTube video highlighting the police report.
This is a relevant bit of the video description:

Nabeel Qureshi, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla, and Negeen Mayel – the four foolish musketeers have been found to be deceiving us, and yes, that means you too our fellow Christian bretheren. Whether you like it or not Acts 17 Team’s arrest was not because they were Christian nor was it because people just liked accusing the group of being a complete annoyance. Acts 17 Apologetics was charged with harassing a a volunteer worker known as ‘Roger Williams’.


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