Crazed Christian Missionary makes another stupid claim

Crazed Islamophobe calls Muslims “blackstone lickers”


Sam Shamoun is a middle-aged Islamophobe (+ a Christian fundamentalist who believes an ANGEL is God in the OT!!!) who spends more time abusing Muslims on the internet than in the church

Well, here it is; a debate challenge for this nutty Islamophobe. I guess Muslims could not take any more wacky lies from Sam Shamoun and his colleagues. So Sam Shamoun (answeringislam) is called out to defend one of his latest lies. (This will be a regular theme from now on in)My money is on Sam shamoun running to the hills for cover. Sam likes to pretend everybody is afraid of debating him; it is not the case – most ppeople don’t take him seriously; this is the reason why people circumnavigate his empty debate challenges

Well here is the challenge the Islamophobe was fearing:

 Why do people give money to dodgy “christians”on the net???

Christians: PLEASE stop supporting people who are insincere and who lack regard for honesty. If you want to learn about Islam then learn from a serious Muslim and not from a dishonest anti-Muslim website. Jesus NEVER taught you to follow such people…think about it. Thanks

More info on Sam Shamoun:

Shamoun’s immature claim of “black stone lickers” is refuted here:

Those who want to learn about Islam please view:

If you have further info please send it to:




One thought on “Crazed Christian Missionary makes another stupid claim

  1. I visited your fact sheet on the black stone and found this: “This stone is kissed prior to commencing Tawaf (circumambulation) and each time one rounds the Kaba it is recommended the black stone is kissed (if possible).”

    So I understand that Muslims ‘kiss’ the stone, they do not ‘lick’ it. Why do you think this meteorite holds the exalted place that it does in the sanctuary? People do not normally kiss stones, so this is a very special one. Is the idea that a meteorite represents a very special type of communication from above a survival from pre-Copernican astronomy?

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