Sam Shamoun and Zakaria Boutros LYING for CASH

Yep…these two odd Islamophobes (Sam Shamoun and Father Zakaria Butrus) are at it again…perhaps money is invlolved this time!

Sam, ask yourself do you want to be like Jesus or the “new Sam Shamoun”?
If it is Jesus then please give Islam a chance.

Here Is “Father” Zakaria Butrous’ claim of sex with a dead body (refuted and discussed):
Here are some of Sam Shamoun’s mistakes/pieces of dishonesty in his latest article:

For those christians and other non-muslims who are genuinely interested in learning about Islam with a clean heart please view the videos on this page:

Muslims, if you have questions about Islma then this site has access to scholars, it has an ask the scholar facility. This could be really useful for you:
If you have any files of interest to send then please send them to myself (Yahya Snow) at


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