Acts17 Takes Special Weaponry to Islamic Society of North America

Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood to take Reinforcements with them to ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), Chicago

The controversial pair caused great unrest and speculation after being arrested last week at the Arab Festival in Dearborn under the charge of disorderly conduct. (See appendix 1)

This group, in their attempt to court publicity, is fast becoming a nuisance group for security and police officers. You would think they would have given ISNA a miss after their latest shameful episode in Dearborn but this group has no parameters when it comes to shame and here they are preparing to go to ISNA with their cameras in tow looking for further misadventure.

 A Big Twist: They are Taking Reinforcements this Time

 What type of reinforcements? Well they are claiming to act under the guise of the “Gospel” so are they taking free copies of the Bible as their “reinforcement”? No, they are taking the Muslim-abusing-machine, that is none other than Sam “Islam allows sex with animals” Shamoun! (see appendix 2)

 For those who don’t know Sam Shamoun you are well advised to view the dumpster section at AnsweringChrisitanity (appendix 2), Sam Shamoun’s venomous tongue is infamous

 I guess the mantra will be; “hey Muslims, if you don’t convert we shall unleash Sam Shamoun to abuse you and your faith”


  “if you don’t allow us in to cause a nuisance we will get our buddy Sam Shamoun to make up his own translations of the Quran to make you Muslims seem debauched and depraved”

 Perhaps more aptly for Wood and his attention-seeking crew:

 “Sam Shamoun’s infamous verbal assaults will be unleashed if you don’t provide us with controversial footage”

 We Never Pay Our Own Bills

 Yes, you guessed it; David Wood and co are looking for you, the penniless reader, to pay for this attention-hunting misadventure. Have they not heard about a global recession?

 Gullibility runs wild within fundamentalist groups so those who threw their cash (a staggering $1100) at David Wood in order to send him all the way to Dearborn to satisfy his lust to re-enact a scene from the A-team will be opening their wallets to send the boys off to “save” the Muslims at ISNA.

 Ignorance is Bliss

 In their previous e-begging episode prior to Dearborn they not only wanted you to buy them plane tickets but also contribute to the expense of a camera. Since when were cameras essential in preaching the Gospel?

 The truth is David Wood and co don’t really do this for the “Gospel”, they do it for publicity and thrill-seeking. Sounds like middle-aged thrill-seeking rather than preaching to me:

 “Muslims have threatened us with death if we return to the festival, so now we definitely have to show up”

 Of course we are talking about people who will donate to David Wood and co simply out of sheer naivety and/or hatred for Muslims.

 You Cannot be Serious (About Evangelism)

 John McEnroe’s outrage at shoddy line calls led to such rhetorical statements of disbelief. We are in a state of shock; we have David Wood and his trusted side-kick Nabeel Qureshi begging for our cash again under the guise of the “Gospel”. We smell a rat.

 If they were serious about preaching Christianity then why would they want to travel all the way to ISNA (Chicago) to “save” people when New York and Virginia (their localities) are full of the great “unsaved”? Why bypass and even ignore all these “unsaved” people on your doorstep in favour of Muslims in Chicago?

 New York recently had a gay pride rally; where was the hero of “evangelism”, David Wood?  Perhaps David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi are liberal and believe the gay lifestyle is fine. In that case, what about all the Atheists in their locality? Why ignore these “unsaved” people in favour of Muslims, something smells like publicity.

 You Cannot be Serious: Whose Decision was it to take the Paragon of Unholy to ISNA?

 If they were serious about evangelism they would not be taking the proverbial “albatross around the neck” (Sam Shamoun).Sam Shamoun is dead weight in the business of evangelism as his infamous reputation precedes him and only serves to repulse Muslims from his message, in fact people come to Islam BECAUSE of this man!

 Camera Tricks

 If they were serious about evangelism then they would not be making camera priority equipment for this mission of “evangelism”. When I go out to preach the “Word” I don’t take a camera, I’m not sure why Wood and co need to buy a $500 camera specifically for this event, I smell publicity.

 “Please support our trip via PayPal. We’ll be sure to get plenty of video footage (yes, I actually had to spend $500 to purchase a new camera”

 Now, $500 could have been better spent, but Wood needs to get footage for his blog; a blog which he openly admits is not designed for evangelism but intent on “warning” people about Islam.

 Still convinced it is about the Church and not about publicity, sensationalism and misadventure? The gullibility of some will never cease to amaze me. That same gullibility chimed well with Ted Haggard, Ergun Caner, Jimmy Swaggert, Benny Hinn and co.

 Nobody Wants anything to Do with these Guys

 Here is a Muslim commentator, reflecting Muslim distrust regarding everything to do with David Wood and his pals:

 “I hope those Muslims who are attending this event will bring their own cameras and record all of the thuggery perpetrated by Wood and his groupies in the name of peaceful debate. Since that foul mouth Sam Shamoun is accompanying them, you can expect anything but peace from their side”

Even Christians who are serious about evangelism don’t trust David Wood and his Acts17Apologetics team:

The Rev. Haytham Abi Haydar, a Christian evangelical convert from Islam with Arabic Alliance Church in Dearborn, said that a Christian group called Acts 17 Apologetics caused the problems at this year’s Arab festival.

They put cameras in their faces and were very antagonistic,” Abi Haydar said of the group that produced the controversial video that has drawn almost 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Nobody with any foresight wants David Wood, Sam Shamoun and Nabeel Qureshi there but for some reason we can guarantee this group will invite itself along with its cameras; real party poopers looking for somebody to satisfy their cravings for attention. The cops obliged in Dearborn, I wonder who will extend them the same courtesy in Chicago (ISNA).

Sam Shamoun’s Last Chance Saloon

It is interesting this man is taking a break from trawling the internet and abusing Muslims (for a few days, at least), thank god for small mercies. Why the shift in Shamoun’s pattern of behaviour?

Sam Shamoun seems to have schemes of his own in place. Rest assured Sam Shamoun is not simply being dragged all the way to Chicago due to a misdirected pang of altruism. Sam Shamoun has been lacking in the department of serious attention for a good while. A reality expressed by Jonathon Dupree:

“This is your legacy Sam. We all note that you didn’t have a debate partner in Michigan recently though it was advertised for months that you would. I am sure that left you feeling hollow”

Essentially Dupree, within the subtext, is pointing to the lack of regard in which Shamoun is held within his field by his peers and counterparts, thus this naturally reflects  the volume  of attention Shamoun gets; which has steadily been on the decline for quite some time

Sam Shamoun seems to be a fallen star within apologetics and in order to “re-establish” himself as worthy of consideration; Shamoun has taken to the route of shameless publicity seeking under the auspices of David Wood.

Shamoun is desperate to debate a Muslim, no Muslim will touch this man with a 20ft barge pole (despite being willing to debate serious apologists such  as Tony Costa) so Shamoun reckons a spot of infamy with David Wood and co will remedy the embarrassing shunning he is suffering from, how despairing!

Nabeel Qureshi

Well, Nabeel has never been his own man. David Wood has moulded Nabeel Qureshi into a carbon copy of himself. Qureshi strikes me as a person who strives not to disagree with Wood; this seems to be evident in Qureshi staying in the debate arena at the “insistence” of David Wood.  Even after marriage, Qureshi serves David Wood loyally; instead of spending time with his new wife he trounces off to Dearborn and spends a night in Dearborn City Jail with David Wood.

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do, Nabeel.

Antonio Santana

Sadly, my friend Antonio will be going along with them. Antonio in my view is sincere; he has completed his Pastoral studies, thus seems sincere in preaching Christianity.

I pray David Wood’s antics do not get this young man in hot water

Negeen Mayel

She seems to be staying well away from the misguided influences of David Wood. Good decision, after all Wood dragged her to a Festival which saw a woman assaulted the year before. What does our chivalrous friend David Wood do? He drags 18 year old Negeen Mayel to Dearborn to hold a camera in such a hostile, death threat-ridden environment. Way to go David, you really have this girl’s best interests at heart!

Muslims at ISNA

They should simply ignore the attention fuelled blokes from Acts17Apologetics

The Church is Being Undermined yet Again

Christians have a long and convoluted history of undermining and even doing away with the teachings of Jesus

For some reason it is the great “unsaved” who are the first to notice harm to the Church. “Christians” monetise pretty much everything and so many of those claiming to be acting for the Church value themselves greater than the message they purport to deliver and engender

These antics of courting publicity, self-aggrandizement and “donations” under the false pretence of the “Gospel” never go down well with the natives, thus only acts as a recruiting sergeant for Atheism and other world views (including Islam)

The worldly-wise pity the poor Christians and their gullibility as David Wood beats his chest proclaiming himself to be like the Apostles to  rapturous applause (and sprinklings of dollar bills) from Christian cheerleaders looking on at their new found evangelical hero; a fast track to Atheism.

“The Church of England never sleeps in its efforts to chuck away its own heritage and abandon the principles of Christianity” (Peter Hitchens)


Appendix 1

Breaking news, answeringmuslims team arrested in Dearborn, International Arab Festival:

Appendix 2

Interesting section (appropriately and rather ominously entitled the “dumpster section”) which catalogues some of Sam Shamoun’s hazardous comments:

Appendix 3

Sam Shamoun asked to stand down:


6 thoughts on “Acts17 Takes Special Weaponry to Islamic Society of North America

  1. That Antonio Santana guy (MBI3030) copies & pastes from ‘Answering-Islam,’ as if that is the main source for Islam, yet he would never condone non-Christians to do that with his religion. These Christians are already influenced to believe in an impossible doctrine, so they can easily be influenced into becoming carbon copies of haters like David Wood or Shamoun

  2. Asalaamu Alaykum Yahya, keep up the good work man. These guys are literally insane. I thought christianitys kooks could never match our Muslim kooks.. It appears as if they proved me wrong. Anyways, I saw Sam at ISNA. Wallahi, i was passing him on the sidewalk with my wife and I looked in his eyes as he sat on the curb, and you could see in his eyes the dhulm (transgression) he possesses. We need to pray for him. He is a sick man. My Allah grant them all hidayah. I support your rebuttals to them.. much luv, ya brother in Islam, mike from chitown..

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