James White LIES in Debate With Sheikh Awal

James White has a history of blunders, here is his latest:


5 thoughts on “James White LIES in Debate With Sheikh Awal

  1. Brother Yahya,

    Salam Alaikum!

    LoonWatch just came out with a hit piece exposing David Wood, titled ‘Exposing David Wood: Of Mosques and Men, Pt. 1.’ Unfortunately, the conversation is missing your voice 😦

    Since this is no doubt your area of expertise, we would love to have you join our discussion as most of us are not very familiar with this David Wood character.

    You can read the full text of LoonWatch’s article at the following link:


    Please do drop by when you can spare the time. And may Allah (Sub) reward you for all your wonderful efforts! 🙂


    LW Fan.

  2. If you read the arabic in Surah 2:37, you read the word “tawwabu”, which means “repenting”. “…and his Lord repented (fataba) towards him; for He is Oft-Repenting (huwa al-tawwabu), Most Merciful.” S. 2:37

    • Actually Paul, taba alayhi means accepted repentance, Alayhi is a proposition that changes the meaning when it’s put after the word taba, much like in English when you add the word “up” in front of “give” to mean something totally different than “give” alone. And even the translation is wrong, because if you want to translate the proposition Alayhi alone, it wouldn’t be translated as “Towards him” but rather “upon him”.

    • Fact of the matter is, you don’t know Arabic, you’re just basing your claim on first grader level understanding of the Arabic language. None of the Arab Christians, even those violently opposed to Islam, would dare claim that “Taba Alayhi” means “repented” because they would then become a laughing stock.

  3. @Paul Rezkalla, you need some decent Arabic lessons.

    Translators can never do justice to the original text. Your argument of Repenting in 2:37 is laughable to native Arabic speakers. Anything that is a human-like trait in the Qur’an(i.e. Taba=Turn/Repent) used for Allah, is automatically rendered in the “positive” form, because we’re obviously talking about the supreme GOD.

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