Acts17Apologetics CAUGHT lying about Dearborn Police

Here it is, these “Christians” have been taking us for a ride and now they are insulting the good men and women in blue.

This is nothing about Muslims Vs Christians but all about egomaniacs acting under the false pretense of theChurch AGAINST the POLICE


2 thoughts on “Acts17Apologetics CAUGHT lying about Dearborn Police

  1. 1. The man shouting “Jesus is Lord” was told be the officer to “be quiet”.
    2. The officers only arrested the Christians and told the one shouting to “be quiet”.
    3. The man shouting was not part of Acts 17 Apologetics, the group that was recognized and hated for coming to the festival in 2009.

  2. at 2:35 you can hear the officer telling the man shouting to “be quiet”. also, yahya, do not make too many assumptions about what was happening at the festival, you were not there and once the video footage is released, you will be embarrassed to see that no disorderly conduct was practiced by us. why were we arrested? the officers said “breach of peace”, what exactly does that mean? engaging in discussion is breach of peace?

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