Ex-Ahmadi Nabeel Qureshi:Honest?

The issue of Nabeel Qureshi being a little reluctant to tell Muslims he was an ex-Ahmadi (from the Ahmadiyya faith) has been around for some time now. I was planning to write about it too. In Qureshi’s testimonial video he makes no mention of his Ahmadi past but ispresented as an ex-Muslim.

This is more than a little disingenuous.

It does seem as though these cries of foul play have been reverberating in Muslim domains for some time now, perhaps Christians would like to be more accurate and present Nabeel as an ex-Ahmadi rather than ex-Muslim from now on in. This would be especially prudent on the part of the Chrisitan considering the turmoil and scandal Christian ministries, which are geared towards converting Muslims, are currently residing in (i.e the controversies surrounding Ergun Caner,emir Caner James White, Anis Shorrosh, David Wood, Sam Shamoun etc).

This unfortunate episode just further increases the discredit in which Muslims view Christian missionaries.

Video description states:
Nabeel Qureshi thought he could out-smart the general muslim populace by claiming that he was a muslim to begin with before he converted to christianity. However, he came out of the closet only a year or two ago, but upon visiting his website he still claims to have left just ‘islam’. We’re out to disprove that, and much more in the coming kufr-to-kufr series


3 thoughts on “Ex-Ahmadi Nabeel Qureshi:Honest?

  1. I also have a question for Christians which people never thought about:

    Why is it necessary that there has to be 3 entities in your concept of God? Why can’t there be 2 or 4 or 5 or more than that? How would Christians prove to non-Christians rationally that it should only be 3 and no more no less?

    • Because we did not come up with the number; it was not just some figure that someone pulled out of thin air. Isaiah 63:10-13
      & Isaiah 48:16

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