17 Questions for a Christian “Apologetcis” Group

A Jamaican group of Muslims have decided to investigate David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi (acts17 team). They have come up with seventeen tough questions of concern which have been met by censorship đŸ˜¦

Acts17apologetics should realise silence will only amplify and increase the potency of these seventeen questions. In fact many of these questions are key in the field of Muslim-Christian discussion. Thus, the questions spread far beyond the Acts17 group but are relevant to all christians as real food for thought.

If Acts17 really wants to be taken seriously as an “apologetics” group then it may want to stop censoring the tough questions. in the past the activities of David Wood (the co-founder of Acts17Apologetics) have been sullying to the reputation of Christian apologetics and their continued ploy of censorship only serves to intensify the looking glass…a looking glass which is firmly fixated on Wood and Qureshi

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