Dr James White Endorses Sam Shamoun’s Shoddy Scholarship?

Video by Yahya Snow.

Questions for Dr James White:

Do you endorse Sam Shamoun?

Do you approve of making your own translations of the Quran up (and not informing anybody of such a doing)?

Do you approve of Shamoun’s dubious use of Palmer’s translation?

Do you think Shamoun acted in a Christian way? A scholarly way?

Why did you approve of Shamoun’s article and label it as “excellent Quranic insights”?

Are you going to rebuke shamoun and distance your ministry from him and his shoddy work?

Do you feel this has impacted on your reputation?

For me it is clear Shamoun was being dishonest, what are your views?

White can still recover from this embarrassing saga by acting in an honest fashion (and nota fashion which tries to protect his friend). In my view YouTube Muslims will not let this slide (look at the Ergun Caner issue for an example of YouTube Muslim action) so White’s silence is deafening. We await White’s video response..

Initial video featuring Shamoun’s comments and a refutation, directed at Dr White:

Article highlighting Sam Shamoun’s unscholarly and shocking methodology:

Surah al Fatiha for Dr White and his friend(Arabic tutor Issam):


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