Acts17Apologetics Endorse Hatred and Pornography?

David Wood Displaying Nudity and Insulting Muslims, Hindus and Mormons

Wood uploaded a post on his blog showing a clip from SP insulting Muslims, Hindus and Mormons; he also displays the submission video (which contains nudity)

And this man is Christian??? Where is Nabeel to admonish him??? Where is Negeen to admonish him??? Minoria??? Any Christian with a backbone and decency would rebuke him…

Here is my latest post (which I submitted to his comment section) just in case he decides to censor it (addtion: he has not allowed this post…I wonder why..):

Meant to have read
Why was a clip from SP shown on this blog

Also…I have just clicked on another vid from this post…I had to stop watching as it was displaying nudity (or semi-nudity..I didnt watch it all…I would not ask others to view it either)

What is going on here,David?

Are you guys getting some sort of gratification from this???

You do realise JESUS would not support this post.

The one who made this post (David Wood) has absolutely breached any religious trust he had, furthermore he has lost all religious credibility he had (if he had any in the first instance).

How can you even dishonour what you (Christians) hold in sanctity by displaying this material on a blog which simulataneously attempts to discuss religious Books such as the Bible and religious figures such as Jesus. Surely this is not the place for such obscene material?

I own the NIV Bible and I can honestly say I do not even undress in view of it nor watch a Hollywood movie/listen to music whilst it is on display. I guess i am old fashioned…respect and decency is clearly close to extinction now 😦

People; I appeal to what shreds of piety we have left…surely postings like this one do not belong on a blog discussing theology and even preaching a religion.

I can honsetly see why Atheism is becoming more appealing in the world as those who represent faith work assiduously in undermining faith…this post being an example of this!

The one who made the post should hang his head in shame

The sychophants and spineless ones amongst us who are afraid to lend critique to the one who made this post (David Wood) ought to take a long hard look at themselves and develop some fortitude

Nabeel Qureshi and other Christians…please do the decent the thing by rebuking him and reconsider any affiliations you have with him

Here is another example of Wood’s anti-Christian nature (I appealed to a Christian, Nabeel, to rebuke him concerning this too):

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